[stylespace] One Day My Prints Will Come…


And they came!

Hehe oh, hello there!

So over the summer, I introduced  a few items to my wardrobe – and one of the stars of the new additions are these printed pants from Zara!

I showed them in a haul uploaded this past week – click here (or here or here or here) if you want to take a look at the rest of the new items!

Screen shot 2014-08-15 at 12.14.55 AM

It’s shopping vicariously… through me! :)

 And without further ado, here are the pants!


These are super simple to style, and I love the elaborate print combined with muted colors that make it a breeze to coordinate.


On top I have my favorite statement necklace EVER. Seriously. Ever.

MRAHHH I love.

Paired it with a plain white tee from H&M and a thrifted mustard yellow cardigan!

On nails: Essie’s “show me the ring” – the champagne/frosty finish is a lovely complement to the ensemble, don’t you think?


The pants came with the belt, which (obviously) matches quite well. I love how casual the outfit can be by simply switching the pants for jeans, or dressed up by switching the pants for a pencil skirt!




And here I present to you the wilted hydrangea that I could have placed the necklace on for your viewing pleasure ;).


Exhibit A: I thought the dotted pattern would make a cool backdrop, but didn’t consider that I was too short to make it all the way up there, heh.


Look at that print!


Oh, hello again!


The day was lovely :)


Did You Know? Sitting on bricks is quite… comfortable…

And makes for a thankful heart when there are comfy chairs to sink into later!


Again with these gorgeous booties from Nordstrom Rack! Seriously living on my feet!

 I hope you enjoyed this style snippet, and have a lovely day!



P.S. If you are curious as to see how these pieces look in action, and a few entertaining bloopers, click here (or here or here or here) for this edition in video format!


[snapshotspace] Nail Painting Time – Triple Threat Edition!



Happy Tuesday!

A little while ago, I got to spend some good quality NPT (“nail painting time”) with godly, wonderful women!

Quite an ideal combination of fun and fellowship, I feel :)

So without further ado, here is a peek at all the shenanigans that went on that afternoon!


Design Overview:

Left: An individual chevron-esque design outlined with black to make it pop more to the eye. I  wish I could have practiced more before attempting the look. But I’m thankful for a gracious friend who appreciated it nonetheless (I hope, hehe).

Middle: Essie’s “Sand Tropez” and “Mint Candy Apple” layered with Essie’s “Show Me The Ring” to add pearly dimension.

Right: Yellow nail polish with a French tip created using a gold marker, protected with a top coat.


T’was a lovely afternoon, and I hope to be able to repeat it sometime again!




[stylespace] The Tribal Cardigan Makes a Comeback!

photo (1)

Hello there!

It’s a lovely Tuesday and I wanted to share a new way to work with the tribal cardigan I featured here!

It was such a beautiful day, perfect to break out my summer uniform of a white tee and jeans. :)

photo (2)

If you didn’t know, I’ve been absolutely adoring this statement necklace!

It’s “The One” if there ever was one for statement pieces, and so many people (friends and strangers alike)  on the street have told me they love it as well!

Kinda cool, kinda throws you off when you walk down the street not expecting to be stopped haha.

Mostly cool though. :)

photo (3)

Love love love the brown boots as well!

They’re so versatile, and I’ve been wearing them around aaaaall weekend.

I also showed them in this haul, if you want to stop by :)

photo (4)

Hehe a few unexpected photos were taken at this moment in time.

Me: “Hey! Are you taking pictures?”

Other: “he…he..he… :)”

photo (5)

I hope you enjoyed this style snack, and have a lovely day!





[snapshotspace] Introducing Nathalie Cheng Photography


Happy Saturday!

Are you relaxing from the long week and eager to lounge about?

Well, I’m glad you stopped by my little corner of the interwebs and joined me for a bit!

And while I’m at it, let me ask you a simple question:

Have you ever seen something that made you get the feels, and you just couldn’t get enough?

I have… like when I have a nice cup of hot tea, a good book, and some afternoon sunlight filtering through the blinds to bathe my room in warmth. Wow, that’s such a sweet blessing to me. What things get you?

And… every time I encounter a new event, time, place, person, or blog that stirs up those lovely feelings, I have the need to share it!

Because it’s not fully enjoyed by me unless I can spread the loveliness to others, wouldn’t you agree?

And so… I would love to introduce you to Nathalie Cheng Photography! I’ve mentioned her on my blog before, and she just started an amazing website that literally took my breath away when I first saw it. Seriously, who knew that such an inspiring, delightful woman of God was blessed with such fierce photography skills?

Seriously, it’s like I get such amazing encouragement from Nathalie, and then she goes ahead and decides to inception that by channeling nostalgic and loving feels through her work with the camera lens! Feels upon feels upon feels!

[insert smooth transition here, hehe ;) ]

This is a recent wedding that I believe she second shot for (please correct me if I’m wrong!) and… I can’t get over it. The colors are so gorgeously caught, and the moments are precious to behold. If these images start becoming Pinterest-able, I think I’ll need to keep posting such lovely things in whatever boards I come up with! Hehe. 

So if you’re interested in seeing something absolutely delightful to make your day brighter, I suggest you just click on over and check out the up-and-coming photographer who also happens to be one of the sweetest people God is using for His glory :)

Join me in my excitement, and have a lovely day!




[stylespace] whimsical wednesday and hearts hearts hearts

Long time no post, dear reader!

It has been several weeks since I got back from Chile, and so now I’m getting back into the swing of things. Thanks for joining me!

And to start off, I thought I would begin with a nostalgic memory of my (what I think of as) gorgeous bleached hair…

Which honestly would not have been a memory if I had remembered to post these images a few months ago, but I digress!

‘Tis life, and let’s just cut to the chase.

(hehe get it? “Cut” because… I chopped off my hair in this post? No? Okay, let’s continue.)

How are you today? :)

Below is a snapshot…


 Aren’t the curls glorious? It makes me want my hair to grow out faster, so I can create more hair tutorials and tweak around.


Gah. I can’t get over it.

And I miss it.

Anywhoo, I paired this Madewell granny sweater with a Pandora necklace gifted to me by my mom for Christmas! I really like the simplicity of the stones (which look either clear or a blush pink, depending on the light) and the design – classic is always a nice way to go!


 And to continue the silver theme, I threw on a silver heart ring that’s chunky enough to add interest, and happens to match the heart I drew on my ring finger.

Which happens to match the heart of the Pandora necklace.

Ooh la la!


And to add onto the cozy feels of the outfit, I threw on the comfiest polka dotted jeans in the world, provided a la Target!


Love, love, love.

Oh, and if you want to spend a few extra minutes with me,  I filmed a haul showing a few Sephora products  and clothing items I picked up in the last few months (two pieces I purchased from Santiago, Chile)! You can just click the image below and it’ll open the page right up – maybe I’ll see you there!


Happy Wednesday! :)




[stylespace] april flowers bring daisies

 Hello hello there!

 And a happy Thursday to you!

Today, I’ll be featuring a new pair of shoes (that I wore once and have now gifted to my awesome sister who can pull them off a lot better than I can)  – silver oxfords!

IMG_1859 IMG_1861

So the story goes…

I spotted these shoes on threadflip and kept going back and forth on whether to buy these shoes. Here’s a snapshot of my thought process… that went on…

For days!

So awesome!

But… practical?

Classic shape!

But… what about the color?

And then one day, I caved and purchased them because they were on sale/resold and I had store credit!

Aren’t they amazing? heh.


I had a lot of fun coming up with this little get-up!


This daisy skirt has become a wardrobe favorite!

The cashier even told me it was cute and that she was going to buy it as I checked out.

And the love for daisies blossoms! ; )


The kitty sweater calms the bold black/white print, and I love these round sunglasses!


Aren’t the accessories darling?

The gold studs with rhinestone accents are so bedazzled *_*

 =  IMG_1890

   You like? haha.

I know I do! : )

Have a lovely day!




[snapshotspace] the glory of a woman… gone. haircut!

Hello there!

So on a fateful Saturday (three days ago), the sun was shining brightly, I was given the blessing of a good night’s rest, and therefore… I was pumped for the rest of the day!

Only… what to do?

I had been thinking about cutting my hair for a while, but didn’t know when was an opportune time.

And well, you know what comes next!

What to do with my hair?

Soon, you may be asking, what did you do to your hair?? : )

photo (2)

This is my devious face.



Kinda. Haha. The purpose of it was to serve as a “before” image! Look at that long hair…

photo (1)

Take a good, long look.

Because one moment you see it…

photo (3)

And then it’s gone!

photo (4)

I’m pretty sure that’s at least a pound of hair. Haha.

One way to lose weight :P


The finished look! And it only took an hour, whew. I was going for an asymmetrical cut – longer on the left side, shorter on the right. I’m loving how light my head feels, perfect for the summer months! Hopefully, my neck muscles don’t go asymmetrical as well… but if you see me looking at you in the future with my head tilted… ; )

Have a lovely day in the Lord!