[craftspace] Easy DIY Valentine’s (or holiday) gift wrapping!


Do you remember being back in middle school? I do, and I distinctly recall the obligatory gift you had to make for every single possible “friend” you had. Even Valentine’s day! Or was this just some self-imposed thing? Anyway, it was cute back in elementary school.

I liked the idea until every February 13, when I frantically threw together little nicknacks the night before to show my friends (please refer to definition below) how much I cared for them. Because I did care for them! And it was fun putting them together! And… because it’s not true affection if they don’t get anything from you on that one day in the year, right? *N.A.S.S.* (Not A Serious Statement)

My middle-school definition of “friend”

Friend- (noun) someone who 1) will stick with you through thick and thin   2) is an acquaintance   3) may be someone who may become your 1) or 2) someday

*aka every person on the little blue marble called Earth*

(I think my definition back then was a bit haphazard)

So anyway, I thought I could  make thinking and planning a little easier (and cheaper!) with three simple ways to make those preparations sweeter (hehe) and more enjoyable so you can reflect and be thankful for the love in your life rather than being like me back then!

Step 1: Get a variety of candies (preferably in bulk/on sale)


Step 2: Separate them into cute little sets


Step 3: Prepare all the materials!

Tissue paper? check
Twine & ribbon? check
Tape? check
Scissors? check.

IMG_7400   IMG_7410

Let’s get started!

Method #1

Step 1: Take one stacked set


Step 2: Turn it upside down in the middle of about two feet of twine


Step 3: Cross the ends over the candies like so


Step 4: Then cross the ends in an “x” shape (in this case, turn each piece clockwise 90 degrees) so that the twine is touching all four corners. 


It looks like this


Step 5: Flip it over!


Step 6: Tie a bow! Secure with a double knot, if you so desire



Method #2

Step 1: Spread one sheet of tissue paper out fully and cut it in h

IMG_7413     IMG_7414

Step 2: Place candies in the center of one half of the tissue paper (we only need half of one sheet for this method)


Step 3: Fold the ends over and secure it with tape

IMG_7418   IMG_7427

Step 4: Scrunch the ends gently (don’t tear the paper!) like so and cross them

IMG_7419   IMG_7420

Step 5: Tie with a ribbon, and you’re done!



Method #3

Step 1: Place the set face down in the middle of the second half of tissue paper and fold over the ends. Secure.

IMG_7425   IMG_7426


Step 2: Scrunch both ends and make it look like an old-fashioned candy! Mmm

IMG_7429   IMG_7430

Step 3: Tie with ribbons on both sides, and you’re done! Too easy, right? But oh, so cute!


But our work is not yet finished! As the saying goes,

“A job half-done is… no bueno.”

(Yes, I made it up on a whim. No, it’s not a legit proverb.Possibly a variation?)

I digress from digressing.

Now, onto the cards! I chose three varieties here, just to tickle your fancy.

Prerequisite: Obtain a card (or three in my case) to give to people!

IMG_7388   IMG_7389

IMG_7391   IMG_7393

P.S. Prerequisite: Get things to decorate with!

You can choose “normal” valentine colors….

IMG_7395 OR branch out  IMG_7396

Or use a hodgepodge of lovely colors!


Project: Decorate! (excuse the corniness of the valentine message; make it your own!)

Design #1


Design #2


Design #3

IMG_7435    IMG_7436

The final steps: put them all together!

IMG_7443   IMG_7442   IMG_7441   IMG_7439

See, wasn’t that easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy?


And it’s unanimous!

I hope you had fun, and have a lovely day!

Happy Valentine’s day (or any other special day)!


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