[hackspace] DIY Hairtie Container


Whenever I have a container of some kind, be it a jam jar, a delivered box, or even an empty floss container, I feel this strange urge to keep it. Sometimes it’s smart, and other times, may I say… cluttered? But this one is a win for sure!

Estimated score to date: containers: 5, Me: 1. It’s the little victories that count! And well, it’s the stories that get told that are remembered, right? And here is the tale of my little win šŸ™‚

DIY Hairtie Container

First, acquire an empty floss container.


Then, find those evasive little hairties!


Yes, you! Here’s one hiding next to a box.


Here’s one hiding on the corner of my drawer.ImageThey’re ruthless, these little ones. I mean, seriously?


Anywhoo, after you round up those little rascals, open the empty floss container. This should be super easy to do!


And voila!


It vaguely appears to be doing sit-ups. Which I should probably be doing… But I digress.

Here’s a close-up! And simply place those babies around that center part to make them easy to take out later.


Now just snap it back up…Image

And look at that! Too easy, right?Ā Image

I hope this was helpful for you! Quick tips to make life easier šŸ™‚ What could be better?

Now it’s time for me to figure out how to use my other containers…



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