[inspirespace] under the sea nail art


Hello, world!

It was a late, late night and somehow the fancy of trying out a nail design just crept up on me. And then… it struck! And got me. The inspiration came from this nail art tutorial – I tweaked it to make it a little bit more me. If you want to get this look, it’s so simple and turns out so beautifully! Here goes nothing!

[The completed look]


The Cast of Characters (I clearly read ThePioneerWoman):

  1. A beautiful sea blue (Essie’s “turquoise & caicos”)
  2. A soft, tangerine-esque color (Sephora mini)
  3. A neutral shade (white or peach)
  4. Topcoat (I just used Revlon’s clear nail polish)
  5. A dotting tool (the back end of a random paintbrush)

IMG_0199  IMG_0201

IMG_0202 IMG_0203 IMG_0204 IMG_0205

And now, the directions!

Step 1: paint your nails caribbean blue

IMG_0206 IMG_0207

Step 2: Use the tangerine nail polish to draw little seastars! They don’t all have to be complete – draw some floating on the edge or huddling near your cuticle 🙂

IMG_0209  IMG_0211


Step 3: Take the paint brush, dip it into the beige/neutral nail color (I dipped it lightly into the brush of the nail polish to ensure I wouldn’t get TOO much on). Then, dot it lightly (for a smaller dot) or a little more forcefully to get a larger dot. I dotted the inside of the starfish, as well as various whimsical curves through the empty blue space. It’s up to you – be creative! 🙂

IMG_0214 IMG_0217

Step 4: Top with a clear coat of polish to make your nail surface glossy and keep the design better intact.

IMG_0219  IMG_0221 IMG_0222   IMG_0227


And you’re done! I hope you enjoyed this, and found this helpful! I love how this turned out – I hope you do too!




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