[fashionspace] what is the meaning of business casual?


photo (25)

If I were to pass by you on the street today, I feel as though I would tip my hat (if I wore one, which I rarely do) and say, “A lovely day to you!” But… in reality, this probably wouldn’t happen as it is admittedly a smidgen strange. But the thought is quite intriguing!

I had an interview the other day, and thought I would remind myself (and show you by consequence) how it was by remembering what I wore. Does that happen to any of you? That you remember certain events by the clothes that you wore that day? Maybe it’s just me. But I’m pretty sure there are some of you out there, too! Kindred spirits in that regard, I’d like to think. ^^

So… this is what I wore!

picstitch (4)

What I wore:

Beaten converse?! To an interview??

Am I crazy?!


Just kidding! I brought nicer shoes in my purse to change into right before the interview. Sure, I might have gotten a few strange glances and double-takes when I walked through the streets with business casual attire and sneakers, but hey, comfort trumps this round! : )

photo (26)

I’ve started this post with a breathtaking scenic view by the bay. Enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend!



P.S. Please don’t wear beaten up Converse to your interviews… just a tip from little old me ; )


6 thoughts on “[fashionspace] what is the meaning of business casual?

      1. I actually am a trainer for a large company so I’m constantly wearing “business casual”. I think cardigans are an absolute staple in any business casual look. I personally wear button ups that are fitted with a statement necklace, slacks that aren’t too tight but look nice and professional, either heels or sparkly flats and faux diamond earrings.

        Most of the people I work with are quite a bit older so I want to look the part but still have little things like sparkly shoes or statement necklaces that stand out.

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