[craftspace] if it looks good, does it taste better?


I really, really enjoy eating  fruit.

I mean, what else can you eat that’s sweet (hopefully), filling, AND healthy?

If you know of other things that fit the bill, please let me know. : )

Anywhoo, so I got to eat quite a bit of it last night, and wanted to share how I like to make fruit look nice.

So it will taste better when I eat it.

Does that make sense to you?

Because it sure does to me!

Let’s get started:

Step 1: Cut up whatever fruit you like (hopefully, it will be in season).

 photo (33)

Step 2: Take a close-up shot of the fruit so you remember exactly what you put. Just kidding, I felt like it could look artsy fartsy, but that didn’t work out. But I do like looking at fruit!

photo (32)

Step 3: If you have melons (cantaloupe or honeydew were my choice), using an ice-cream scooper is an easy and fun way to get out that sweet meat! Although it doesn’t turn out so pretty after like, the first scoop. So that’s why I took a picture of only one… the others I just sliced in two and added it to the bowl of fruit seen above.

picstitch (7)

Step 4: Make it all look pretty!

Arrange the fruit to show the diversity and beautiful deep colors! It also helps people to reach which piece they want without having to forage deep into the abyss of the melon rind.

photo (31)

Step 5: Try again to take an artsy shot. Learn that failure can happen multiple times.

And it’ll be okay regardless, haha.

photo (30)

And voila! You are done! This is so simple and yet so delicious 🙂

God knows how to create delicious fruit, and I’m so thankful to be blessed by it (and have others enjoy it too!)

In the middle bowl on the table is a fruit syrup that I tried from here. We found it to be a little too sweet, but perhaps you would like to try it for yourself!

photo (29)

Have a lovely day, and enjoy the lovely foods that are available to us!




5 thoughts on “[craftspace] if it looks good, does it taste better?

  1. I eat a bowl of watermelon and cantaloupe every morning and it is so tasty! Plus it is incredibly good for you so I don’t feel bad eating an entire bowl. I think most people don’t get all of the fruit servings they need. Love this post! Also I think it does taste better when it looks good ;).

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