[thoughtspace] beginnings and ends


Growing up, I immersed myself in fairy tales and myths – any fiction in general, really. I still dabble in reading those stories sometimes, actually. The words “once upon a time” instantly drew my attention, while “the end” typically involved a moment of reflecting on the story, and then immediately picking up the next one from the stack that I borrowed from the neighborhood library.

It’s interesting to think of how this past week has been one of “last” events that will lead to “the end” to my college career.

And preparing for that “end” has been fascinating and exciting to see how God will use my future for His glory! May His will be done.

This past week, I had another interview.

photo (37)

And yes, IĀ did wear jeans to my interview! Call me crazy, but when the work environment is casual and your interviewer says you’re welcome to come in as the same, I’m not going to say no. : )

Later this week, I finished my classes for the year! To celebrate, I got some peach black tea with boba and enjoyed the lovely warm (or perhaps a bit stifling) weather that’s been staying out its welcome for the past few days.

photo (40)Ā photo (39)

How wonderful and exciting is the unknown when we have certainty in Someone greater! šŸ˜€

Let’s see how the next few months go!

But before then, finals and graduation await!

Have a lovely, lovely day!



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