Spontaneous Splurges – College Edition

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I know, I’m not in college anymore.

But I still go perambulating about campus from time to time (mostly huffing and puffing as I try to “run” and “exercise’ to be healthy).

Today, I decided to look at several vendors who brought their wares to the street, and got started talking to one jewelry vendor who makes rings by hand and sells them on the street and on sites like Etsy. They seem quite simple to make and thus weren’t too expensive, so I started perusing the options.

The sun was bright and bathed the streets with warm light, many people were walking about as cars drove up and down and all around like ants about an anthill. And I found two rings I liked! I usually don’t purchase from street vendors (usually am hustling home), but I enjoyed the spontaneity of today.

Here they are! I like the simplicity. Paired with the cheerful red nail color, the rings seem to add a little something. (Forever 21’s “Rose” $2.80)


Which reminds me – I borrowed this nail polish from my sister and need to return it soon, hehe.

Have a lovely rest of your day!


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