[a new space] Mint Candy Apple


So… I recall seeing “Mint Candy Apple” by Essie on YouTube. Everywhere. Even if I tried avoiding it, that in itself would have been a futile endeavor.

At first, I brushed off the likelihood that I would enjoy using the color because I already had Revlon’s “Minted.” I mean, how different can two mint nail polish colors be?

And then a few months ago, the company I interned for gifted me a bottle of that very one.

And for several months, in my shoebox it sat.

And sat.

And sat.


Until one day, I pulled it out on a whim and painted it on –

Needless to say, I was surprised. What a beautiful color!

photo (49)


I then decided to accent a nail or two with glitter – the choices?

Silver, gold, and rose.

I asked my friends for their opinion. A few people said silver, others gold, and yet others rose. How is a girl to choose?

Choose everything, of course!

photo (54)

So I layered all of them together (somehow it ended up on every single nail) and got this, protected by my favorite top coat, Seche Vite.

photo (52)

Ta-da! Now I have ten little disco balls reflecting glorious sunlight!
photo (53)

Have a lovely day in the Lord!

photo (51)




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