[thoughtspace] Sometimes, I long…

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Sometimes, I long to sit simply to wonder-

to stare at the clouds passing by.

Scanning for glimpses of white diving gulls,

or the sun saying goodbye with a sigh.

– – –

Sometimes, I long to stand lone on the mountain-

gazing at rocks far below.

Hearing the rustle of evergreen trees,

feeling the smallness I know.

– – –

Sometimes, I long to take refuge at home-

to drink tea and to read and exhale.

As my mind whips up landscapes and worlds yet unknown-

transcending the words of the tale.

– – –

Sometimes, I long to just brandish a pencil –

and sketch out imaginations on canvas.

Putting into image as best as I am able,

attempting to convey it as true not amiss.

– – –

Sometimes, I long to play music and dance –

to whirl and to sway with the rhythm.

To calm my heart’s yearning to move with the song

and the essence of music always – not times some.

– – –

But above all, I do long with my Father to be –

my Savior, my Lord, my Master and Friend.

The Shepherd of shepherds, the Servant of all,

To be with Him forever is joy – the end.


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