[thoughtspace] Where Needs and Wants Should Drive Me



Do not allow any supposed riches of your own to suspend your daily blessings from the Lord Jesus. You have constant need of Him. You need His intercession, His upholding, His sanctification; you need Him to carry out all your works in you and to preserve you until the Day when He appears again. There is not one moment of your life in which you can do without Christ. Therefore, be always at His door, and the needs that you complain of will be reminders to turn your heart toward your Savior.

Thirst makes a person pant for water, and pain reminds man of the physician. Let your needs likewise lead you to Jesus, and may the blessed Spirit reveal Him to you while He lovingly gives you the rich supplies of His love! Go, poor Christian, let your poverty be the rope that pulls you to your rich Brother. Rejoice that your weaknesses make room for grace to rest upon you, and be glad that you have constant needs that perpetually compel you to have fellowship with your Redeemer – who is worthy to be adored.

[Joy in Christ’s Presence by Charles Spurgeon, 90-91]



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