[stylespace] the thrill of tribal



So for the past two seasons, I’ve been looking for a tribal print cardigan that would  add interest to my outfit, but wouldn’t be so out there that I could only wear it with, say, a white or black shirt.

And for months, I kept my eye out in stores. Admittedly, I did not shop very much, but I walked out wondering when the day would come when I met this cardigan.


Some were too big, others too thick,

a few prints too bold, and many too plain.

I guess you could call me a shopper with high standards. Definitely good for my wallet!

And then one day, I chanced upon a relatively secluded area of the mall. I walked in and absentmindedly browsed through the racks. You see, Cinnabon was on my mind and my mouth watered thinking of what was to follow.

That is, until I saw this cardigan. It was jauntily lounging on a hanging rack, saying, “I know you’ve been looking for me, and here I am!”

I could hardly believe it – the muted tan color, a neutral even more balanced out by the black contrast, made my tribal-print-cardigan-heart flutter. The thicker “lining” of black provided such a great frame when I tried it on, and the price point definitely did not hurt my wallet at all! Well, it did to some extent, obviously – otherwise, I would have been arrested for shoplifting.





Have been living in this cardigan for the past few days, and am loving it!



Paired with a light tee on a warm day, and ideal to layer with my fall&winter anorak.


Complementing outfits both casual and slightly fancy schmancy, this cardigan is a WIN for me.

“Good things come to those who wait” is not necessarily true all of the time, but I’m thankful it worked out this time.

Have a lovely day that the Lord has made!


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