[craftspace] bee our guest!



Once upon a time, a man and a woman fell in love. Some time later, a sparkling deposit of promise was unearthed, and preparations for the lifelong union were underway.

And of course, it called for a bridal shower.

And with a bridal shower, there come favors for the guests!

Here is how the favor tags were designed and created.

Step 1.) Print out the desired design that will serve as the focal point. As this was a honeybee theme, I decided to go so out of the blue no one would guess it:

yes, a bee. Many thanks to the friend who found this image, as it was perfect in terms of design and the vibe it was supposed to exude.


Step 2.) Obtain the fundamentals (something to put the design on). I found these lovely tags at Joann’s for $1.50!


Step 3.) This step is optional. If the color of the tags are not what you were looking for, there is always (40% of the time 90% of the time) a solution!


aka watercolor paints, in this case…


and makeup sponges because they offered the most bang for the buck. I only needed one for the entire set!


Step 4.) Make your day! So what I did here was chose green, because I thought the colors would complement splendidly with the printed bee cutouts.


and stipple away!


I mixed various shades of green, and I made three before…


I realized that wasn’t going in the right direction. So, praising the Lord that I had extras, I set about the actual set.


and made about 28?

Step 5.) Attach the cutouts to the dog tags. Being the resourceful (sometimes) person that I am, I used my clear nail polish as the glue to attach the two. I haven’t owned glue sticks since… well, I would write elementary school, but that would be untrue. I had one two years ago, haha. Kid at heart, I tell ya.


If you decide to go the route I did, remember to apply quickly and in thin layers (you don’t want it to soak through too much!). I painted a quick oval and a small dab in the middle to secure the paper to paper.


Looks pretty nifty like this, no?


What a bunch of busy bees. Heh. I crack myself up.

Step 6.) Write a note of thanks/whatever your heart desires (so long as it is kind and encouraging!). Here, my inherited corny musings come alive: “thank you for bee-ing here!”


Step 7.) Make the trail mix. For 25-30 people, we used 2 boxes of Honeycomb cereal, 3 bags of chocolate chips, one tub of almonds, and a packet of banana chips.


Mix them all together and put them in cellophane bags!


For a fun touch, we purchased honey sticks and included 3 for each guest.


Ta-da! Gift tags handmade with some tender, loving care.


The decorations were absolutely lovely, and the leftover honeysticks were put to good use as additional decor.

It is amazing to see God bring two people together who yearn to live lives honoring Him and through marriage, working together to do so by loving one another as (soon-to-be) husband and wife! Congratulations, HoneyBee 🙂 We’re praying for you!


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