[stylespace] the closet among the cliffs



Sometimes, there’s nothing more refreshing than making a journey to the waves. In a world that tries to make people look and feel big, the right perspective can make or break your focus on your purpose. Taking the time to be reminded of truth as the ocean spray settles on my face and the breeze whistles by is a privilege for which I am so thankful.


We’re not so big or important, you and I. Having the right possessions, the perfect outfit, the ideal career, or the best mannered family can appear imperative for “making it” in life. It’s a sham. I love feeling small because I am  small – on my own, it is impossible for me to be a good person, a loving friend, or able to stand in confidence before a holy God. A grace indeed it is to be reminded of this by such beautiful and caution-inducing creation! The cliffs have a way of doing that to a person. Or maybe just to me.

But I digress.

It seems funny that I say the aforementioned comment and then meander into a [stylespace] post, does it not? Thankfully, fashion is not nor will it ever be my life, but it is indeed a pastime I enjoy very much and I give thanks to God for allowing me to dabble in it : ).

In [stylespace], I’ll be uploading a [stylspace series] of how to maximize the outfit utility of a pair of booties. You may have a similar pair to style in a similar way, or might just gather some principles and be on your merry way. As you wish, reader! I also have the vest and delicate hammered necklace make guest appearances throughout to show their versatility – you don’t need to have a piece for every occasion. Make what you own work for you, and enjoy this post!


Loving the chillier-but-not-quite-enough weather. The comfort level of an outfit (usually) trumps style for me, but I’m glad this seemed to work out nicely enough. ; )


The warmth of the shearling vest complements the bold jaguar print and vivid color of the top.


Side note: I appreciate the privilege of being able to own a bag that endures all the throwing about I do when I run errands and handles the groceries I occasionally stuff inside. It doesn’t hurt one bit that it’s cute, too!


These wedges are surprisingly comfortable and soft. I love their gentle folds, as well as the fact that they streamline the  overall look. Boots that cut off at the ankle tend to shorten the legs, but these don’t offer such a hurdle to get over even if they do cut off at the ankle.The smooth lines ascending from the toe to the heel assist in elongation.


I nabbed these navy shorts from Francesca’s Collection – I honestly couldn’t resist because of the pièce de résistance – the lace trimming! It called out my name, and I answered!


And so it begins…



Would it affect your perception of the following picture if I told you that only a few yards away, several children were breaking off the stalks and sword-fighting with exuberant yells?


And that they were still there as these photos were being taken, and that their parents were following closely behind?


I’m glad.


Yup. You can see them in the background. And I loved every second. Can’t get enough “awkwardness” to make you realize that the world is already a strange, strange place. I don’t mind one bit that I can add a little sprinkle of that to their days. Hopefully, they didn’t mind either. : )

Have a lovely day!



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