[stylespace] chestnuts roasting on an open fire



[#laterpost] Today was black Friday, and you know what that means! Praise the Lord, it wasn’t too crazy where I went, but I wanted to be comfortable walking around. A tip if you’re going shopping for clothes – wear layers (ex. tank tops) so you can try on sheer tops/items that you would normally layer so you don’t need to scrounge around the store looking for an extra item to try on in the fitting room!


This outfit boasts the crop tank as the visual centerpiece. I saw it on my favorite, (relatively) new women’s clothing marketplace, www.threadflip.com. It’s so exciting to see something that you know is just right for your style, and at an affordable price point to boot! The melting Chanel design has been around for a while, and while I’m not sure where it started, the overall aesthetic appealed to me. I’ve already worn it on several diverse occasions – once while running, and now this! I can tell you now that it will make a frequent appearance in my day-to-day life.


A chic, comfy, chilling-by-the-fire-roasting-chestnuts was the vibe I was going for, and I think the rainy day made it easy for me to achieve this feeling (because that’s all I felt like doing when I awoke).


The rocker-chic aspect of the tank was offset by the coziness of the thick tribal cardigan (another one that my closet seemed to pick up). The soft brown-burgundy cardigan underneath the tank warrants a post of its own, which will follow soon afterwards.


The rich jewel tone of the burgundy is emphasized by the grey platform wedges, as the folds settle into the crevice between the ankle and shoe. I love the lines of the shoes, as they create the form. And not only that, but they’re so comfortable I can’t complain about anything!


I hope you all scored some great deals! Below is my excited face when I imagine discovering those treats ; )


I just purchased a few things, most of them products I was already planning to buy (*cough* hand sanitizers *cough*) and a few wild card clothing/accessory pieces. The loveliest time was just being able to be with family and see Christmas decorations go up to remind us why we celebrate in the first place! 


And off to the side you can see the coziness of the fireplace just creeping up. Ahhh, I can’t wait to do that sometime with a cup of hot tea and a good book, nestled into that grey blanket!

Have a lovely day!




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