[stylespace] sweater weather


Hello, reader.


May I tell you something?


Juxtaposing a thick sweater with lace popped into my mind one day. And so I tried it and ended up enjoying it to the point that I wore the exact. same. outfit. How many times? Only the Lord knows : )


The grey on top and bottom of the outfit pull the two focus colors together: burnt orange and soft mauve. Why I think it works so well is partly because the loveliness of the dress is complemented because of the contrast of the casual knit beanie.


 I added the hammered gold necklace once again to pull all of the colors together. A rich metal that intertwines all of the colors together into this comfortable chic outfit never hurts!


The shoes have a tougher vibe about them, but work with the asymmetrical hemline’s gentle fall.


Love the way the sunlight filters through the lace to create such patterns on the pavement.


Like, seriously.


Don’t you?


By the way, have you heard the Frozen soundtrack? My (very good awesome!) friend tipped me off so I purchased the album on a lightning deal, and have been listening to it nonstop for the past few days! You might want to give it a listen. It might “freeze” you in your tracks! ; D

Have a lovely day!




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