[stylespace] the monochromatic mood




[logged on 12.01.2013]

And so it was with a bittersweet farewell to family that my holiday weekend ended. Traveling back to go to work is never easy, but I am feebly attempting to offset it with a comfortable get-up. ^^ Going for a natural, monochromatic theme called out to me once I decided this top had to be recognized.


The striking geometric print and the rich jewel tone hues work together wonderfully. Not only that, but it’s roomy, comfortable, and so very versatile! The little features such as the button on the sleeves and the defined neckline make me look forward to working with this little number.

I paired it with some tan jeans and a shearling vest to pull the whole look together.  The single color look has been so fun for me to try lately, and I’m excited to be able to share this one with you.

Do you love the nails? I know I do! I had a French tip manicure for the past week, but the edges were starting to chip quite noticeably. While an ordinary person would probably think to remove them so they could paint a new color, the “resourceful” me decided to save it as long as possible. After all, things change if you choose to pay to have someone paint your nails. But that’s a story for another time.


And the next morning, when my mom showed me a new nail polish she got, Essie’s Peek of Chic, I knew exactly what I wanted to try. The long sparkles exude a holographic vibe, and the length of each strand makes the overall look seem like snow. And so, I attempted to paint on snow flurries driven by separate winds (hence leading to differing patterns) on each nail. I hope you like it! I love how it turned out, and the extra pizzazz from the sparkle helps me remember that while it may not snow where I am, I can still enjoy the Reason for the season!


Again, I paired it with the gold necklace and the grey booties to show the versatility of all pieces you accrue in your wardrobe! And thus ends the [stylespace] series on grey wedges/winter boots! I hope you enjoyed and found these past few posts helpful. I certainly enjoyed making it!


And as all things seem to do, I need to do as well…


I bid you a fond farewell!


Have a blessed day : )



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