[designspace] from rags to reusable


This was from a while ago… but it reminds me of the excitement that comes from tackling a new project! It was definitely  fun, and even though it’s not the best thing ever made (duh), I’m quite pleased with it! Although I do confess I may be a bit biased because I made it : ) It would have taken at most two days to make when I first started, but with the summer weather and all (excuses, excuses), I worked on it on and off for about a week. And one day decided “enough is enough!” and so ironed it out (he he) until midnight!

From a thrifted Anthropologie skirt to cute apron! It could use a little more work, but I say this project is now complete : D



Brief summary of how this was accomplished:

1.) Thrift an Anthropologie skirt. This may be difficult, and so finding a poofy, longer skirt that you would want to wear as you twirl about the kitchen making delicious meals (or boxed brownie mixes like me) is the goal here! I found this one for less than $20 at Salvation Army!

2.) Cut the fabric off of the back of the skirt (but keep the waistband there so that you know it will hug you snugly as you flurry about.

3.) Measure out/create a rough template of how you want the neckline to be. I knew I wanted to make a sweetheart, and so I cut it in the according shape with some extra inches for the seam/possible mistakes. Save the leftover fabric.

4.) Dust off a sewing machine and use thread that matches one of the colors on the skirt. For this one, I chose a golden yellow because I love how cheerful that color is. : )

5.) Attach! I sewed everything with about 0.5″ margins and folded the sides in to create a smooth edge. Then, I took the extra fabric and fashioned strings so I could tie the newly created apron around my neck!

And… voila!

A skirt turned apron.

From rags to reusable.

I hope you found this helpful and enjoyed!

Have a lovely day : )



On repeat: Ed Sheeran -” I See Fire” from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug


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