[stylespace] NYE edition



Hello there, reader!

Or, should I say, Happy belated New Year! Although if you think about it, it’s still pretty new and so I think I can wish you a Happy belated New Year without any qualms!

As 2013 has bidden us adieu and 2014 called on us (whether we wanted it to or not), the new year fills me with excitement at what has been planned for me by the Author of all things! : )


With the weather not being freezing cold, these striped tights paired with the stiletto heels per the last post makes this juuuuust right.


Staying classy with nowhere to go. Maybe a good book and some tea? My kind of New Year’s celebration.


Happy happy happy.


I really enjoy wearing this coat! Can you tell?


The thick… substantial knit made me swoon a little inside, as did the lovely pattern! Rolling up the sleeves revealed a new pattern and seemed to add more texture – never can have enough! ; )


The patterned skirt is oh so comfortable, and the quilted appearance made a complementary addition to the coat. By the way, if you want to pick one up, this skirt is now on clearance at Target for $8.99, I believe! I bought it for… more. Which made me cry inside just a little bit when I saw the new price tag. But now you can get your hands on it for less! Maybe pick one up for a friend. ^^



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