[designspace] Gilded in Gold

Gilded in Gold //

So… if you haven’t noticed lately (as in, the past two days), I’ve begun exploring Polyvore – and it’s been a blast! It’s so fun for me to style little things together, and the site is like the ultimate closet I will never know (and am happy to never know, because then I’d really never know what to wear). Sometimes, too much of a good thing is… not so bueno, capiche?

Today’s inspiration started out with a navy dress and the neutral accents. Which to me at the time looked gold.

And so I built this entire set based on that lovely idea.

And then I published the set…

Only to discover as I write this post that the delicate collar and thin belt are actually neutrals, not gold.

That’s how things seem to roll a lot of the times in my life.

Figures. : )

Regardless, I am pleased with how the overall look turned out, and I hope you enjoy it as well!

Have a lovely night,


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