[stylespace] can a leopard change his spots?



Why hello there, again!

Today, I threw together the first outfit I could think of.

And typically, that means that my mind did not function and I pulled whatever clothes were lying closest to me.

Thankfully, they worked for me, not against me.

This Love Culture top is so ideal for me – I adore baseball tees because they are effortless and pulled together (in a sporty sort of way). And not only that, but the leopard print on the body of the item just pounces out to grab my attention.


Deep jewel tones like burgundy have been thriving in my closet lately (hmm, sounds a bit like a mouse invasion or something), and so of course they would be at hand (literally)!


Yeap. It’s strange. I agree that leather jackets (mine’s fake) do add a certain rocker-chic touch to an outfit, and to some extent I would deem it a wardrobe essential. You know, just to edge things up a bit. But I’ve had this jacket for several years, and it only seems to come out as a last resort. Maybe that’ll change this year.

Probably not.


Just chillin’ : ) These boots are the coolest! The gold studs accent the black so nicely, and the straps that hug the ankle are adjustable (meaning they move up and down and sometimes get caught under the “heel”).


And here I attempt to exude “Zoolander”…


But end up thinking, “WHAT in the world? Who do you think you are, Jess?”

Hah. I love a good laugh. ^^


But seriously.

Who do I think I am? ; )

Have a lovely day!




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