[snapshotspace] winter snow



Why, hello there!

Growing up, I didn’t really have a lot of opportunities to get my nails done.

As in, the first time I got a manicure, I was 12 years old.

And the second time was… two months ago.

So I guess you could say I enjoy doing my own – and it’s harder for me to justify going to a salon unless the occasion calls for it. And when I do pay to have someone paint product with unhealthy fumes onto a body part that grows and needs to be cut… I make it work for me as long as I possibly can.


The style was a simple classic and is what I got both times in my life: the French manicure.

I love its purity in design and the cleanness of the lines. Not too flashy, but definitely something that reminds me that yes, I paid for something I am not good at doing on myself.

I can barely draw a straight line – how am I to paint a curve exactly parallel to my fingertips with misbehaving fluid?

Beats me.


And so when time passed after I thoroughly enjoyed this novelty on my hands, I decided to prolong its stay by adding swirls of Essie’s “Peak of Chic” to enhance the white tip and make the two polishes complement one another.

It doesn’t hurt that I watched Frozen twice and immediately thought of that when I saw this new polish.


Don’t you love it? The long, holographic strips of glitter make it seem as though snow is swirling and the wind is howling like the storm some animated characters feel inside…

Glitter might be a handful (hehe), but it’s definitely worth it in my book!

Have a lovely day!




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