[stylespace] a pop of neutral


[Question of the Day]

What kind of gifts do you enjoy receiving?


Well, I received this lovely cup as a gift a few months back – handmade, too!

Those are my favorites.

Thank you!


And I have decided to utilize it by showcasing lovely nail polishes that will be displayed for your viewing pleasure.


Today, of course.


For the past few years, I’ve been hearing the “pop of color” phrase tossed around so many times that I’d be a millionaire (maybe. probably not) if I got a nickel for every time those sounds wafted into my ears.

Maybe I’d be a millionaire if I received a thousand dollars every time I heard it. But that would be a full time job in itself, no?

In any case, I’ve been thinking about pop of colors.

What does that mean, you may ask?

Generally, when you have an outfit that is neutral (earth tones, grey, black, white, etc), you decide to accentuate the look as a whole by adding a single pop of color.

This can be accomplished with a pair of neon heels, a chunky bracelet in an unexpected color, etc. For example, an all-black outfit would draw the eyes to a pair of bright red heels (the heels being the pop of color). It’s usually best to stick to one pop of color so as to not create a haphazardly distracting outfit, but an outfit should be pulled together by every piece’s working to highlight the accent piece. Does this make sense?

And being the “outrageously” out of the box person I am (not… maybe), I decided to go with a pop of neutral today!

Who says you can’t?


Featured today: Essie’s “Ladylike” (my favorite mauvey shade) and Essie’s “Sand Tropez” (my favorite neutral)

So go on, paint them!


I usually like to make my ring finger and thumb the accent nails, and so this time I painted my ring finger with “Ladylike” as a soft pop.


Ya like? : )


And then I went over the accent nail with chunky gold glitter because, well, it makes life a little more fun. I like having little disco balls on my nails!


The final look!


I hope you enjoyed, and have a lovely day!




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