[snapshotspace] what i love



In light of Valentine’s Day, here are a few “loves” of mine…

in the more light-hearted, superficial sense of the word-

so maybe I should revise that and say

“here are a few things i really like”

Let’s just begin, yes?

1.) Mortar and pestle.

My mom used this a lot – to crush seeds and create various mixtures. I grew up hitting the pestle and enjoying it immensely. Now, I think I like it so much because of its use.

Funny, growing up.

It changes a person.

mortar pestle

2.) Lights

One of the many reasons Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. The bright, cheery lights that glitter and shine through the night (albeit causing more light pollution and using electricity) make my heart go aflutter and remind me of the Light of the world.


3.) This color scheme.

I adore citrus. And the striking colors contrast even more so with the gorgeous, natural greens shown in the image. Juxtapose that with the concrete-looking background, and I’m sold.


4.) Puns.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I am a very punny person. Word play is such fun and I don’t mind the various eye-rolls it gets me sometimes. It’s worth it. I’ll keep cooking up some more and serve them as they come along!


5.) Books

Reading is by far my favorite past-times. Be it fiction or nonfiction, it does something that watching TV or playing video games (or writing a blog post) cannot do.

I love it and am thankful for this love of reading.

Also, loving this decor.


What are some of your loves?

Have a wonderful day!




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