[snapshotspace] SNSD’s Jessica in “Mr. Mr.” Makeover


Hello there!

I thought I’d do something different on the blog and introduce to you another hobby of mine: YouTube! The planning, filming, editing, and execution of videos excites me, and I hope to share that with you today : ).

So with that, let me start again:

Hello, everyone, meet my YouTube!

My YouTube, meet everyone.

: )

There, now we are acquainted!

Hopefully, we will soon become friends.

Fun Fact! The username (jessicaxnyao) was inspired by:

1. My name (quite clearly)

2.) My grandpa – he used to say “nyao” (similar to a cat’s meow) quite often as a random expression, and made a living for a lot of his life as an artist. And as he was an artist with the canvas, I would like to become more like an artist with… the face! Hehe. And also with the canvas. But that’s just a tad more difficult, I think.

Below is the latest one I created, inspired by Jessica from SNSD in “Mr. Mr.” – check it out by clicking on the image! I love the slightly-more-out-there-but-not-really look here, and recreating it was such fun!

mr mr

And the photo that inspired this project:


Stop by if you like and let me know how you enjoyed it!

And of course, have a lovely day!




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