[inspirespace] MANICureMondays



So, this was actually posted on my instagram on Monday, and I was going to start a series called #MANICureMondays.

You know, like the song  “Manic Mondays” by The Bangles?

And I found it perfectly fit with “Manicure”… Neat, huh?

I thought so, too.

So, I decided to do this as a consistent string of posts, you know.

Only, it didn’t even end up being posted until today. Which is two days too late.

But you know, better to start than not start at all! So here goes: I hope you enjoyed this snapshot!  : )

Don’t you love the gold tips?? I usually stick with white because it’s classic, but because the metal is such a rich color… I decided, why not? The look is still neutral and so it all matches whatever clothes you throw on! AND it makes your outfit look so much more put together, because you have colored chemicals placed strategically on your fingertips.



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