[inspirespace] #MANICureMondays Tribal Edition



Hello, there!

Why, and a happy Monday to you!

I hope the cheerful sunniness in the snapshot brought some warmth to your day and a smile to your face : )

This is the second post in my blog series #MANICureMondays – and I bring you… the tribal edition! This is a geometric pattern that was quite simple to do, and it looks like more work went into it than it actually did.

Which, by the way, is a win.

In my book at least ; ).

I felt like combining spring (the tiffany blue by “Essie”) and fall (OPI’s dark-purple-bordering-on-black “Linkin Park at Midnight” I believe). Why? I wanted to do something bright, but I saw a friend’s maroon nails and was reminded why I really like that color, hehe. Inspiration all around! And as always, I love the color gold and so incorporated that metal to cover up any bleary edges between the blue and purple.

Don’t you adore the contrast?

I know I enjoy it!

And I hope it inspires you!

Have a lovely day in the Lord!




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