[snapshotspace] It’s Friday… Let It Go!



Happy Thursday or Friday to you, everyone!

And if you’re reading this not on one of those days, then greetings from the past!

Ever since  I watched Frozen, it has somehow been a part of my life.

Friends saying clever snippets from the script in reference to normal life.

Really, really wanting to build a snowman.

Buying the soundtrack as soon as it was on a lightning deal sale on Amazon (15% off!!) – thank you, friend! : )

I think you get the gist!


And so, I decided to do a makeup look inspired by HyoRin of the kpop group Sistar, who sang her rendition of the song with a lovely, subtle makeup look that I really liked. The purity and simplicity really caught my eye, and the silver reminded me of, well, a snowflake!

The clustered necklace of ostentatious faux pearls, diamonds, and silver chain was the closest item I could grasp that reminded me of the snow that “glows white on the mountain tonight”… which might not be the ideal accessory for snow, but…

Let it go!



I feel like it really brightens up the face and provides a healthy glow, yet maintains some semblance of natural makeup. Like, a close relative. Maybe a cousin?


Take a look if you like by clicking here or any of the images above, and have a  lovely summer-y day in spring!




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