[craftspace] Saying “I Do” to DIY Cards



Hello, there!

It’s raining cats, dogs, and horses today – but that indeed is still a blessing from the Lord. Even if it does sound like a stampede is snorting and galloping full speed, crashing and pawing at your office building.

Hopefully, it’s not too bad where you are!

And maybe, it might be worse. So let’s just all be thankful for rain/snow/ice/hail/sun/whatever it may be!

And to temporarily distract you from the weather, here are some easy DIY wedding card ideas – decoration that is fun to do and more thoughtful than simply purchasing a Hallmark card (although that’s not a bad idea, just ten times more expensive).

[Step 1] Purchase blank cards!

I got mine from Michael’s, and loved that these already had the bunting pattern cut out on the front. It looks so chic, and is simple to personalize to the recipient!

[Step 2] Grab a pen!

Preferably a dark one that won’t bleed too much.

[Step 3] Get those creative juices flowing and GO GO GO!

ex. 1 – “love”


What can this be?


A heart, and then “l-o”?


And then the message gets clearer!


Until wow, I get it! LOVE!



On the inside, I wrote Genesis 2:18 on the left side, with a personal letter on the right.


ex.2 – “hello”


And have fun with how you write everything!

I may not be the best at writing, but I put my best effort in, and hopefully they’ll like it.

If not, the gift should make up for it ; )


I hope this gave you some ideas, and have a fun time creating lovely message of encouragement and love – to whomever it may be!

The spontaneous ones seem to be more remembered than others, in my humble opinion. Thoughts?

Have a lovely day in the Lord!




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