[inspirespace] #MANICure Mondays – Red is the New Black



Although a rich burgundy is a favorite of mine any day, with spring coming and a whole lot of color with it, a more cheerful red was called for. Wow, that was a long sentence. And I’m not sure it was grammatically correct.

But I digress.

Don’t you love the vibrancy of such a bold color? I used to think I couldn’t pull it off – especially when my nails grew longer (I thought they looked like claws on a carnivorous animal). But I make sure to cut my nails before applying a color such as this one, and it seems to lower the creature-like quality that somehow imprinted on my mind (hehe, do you get it?).

Lesson of the day: don’t be afraid to try new colors! There are certain colors that do work better on certain skin tones, but so many shades exist to match everyone out there. This  shade in particular is a Forever21 nail polish with a Seche Vite topcoat (the BEST!) – a combo that never fails to make my nail-heart go pitter patter – just like the rain outside!

Have a bright, joyful day in the Lord and stay warm!




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