[inspirespace] #MANICureMondays Dabbling







It’s a Monday and…

I have a confession to make.

My nails don’t appreciate it very much when I constantly put on polish. There, I said it! Sometimes it feels like they’re restricted and can’t breathe, which is probably a sign that it’s no bueno to do it all the time. 

And this week, I decided to take a break! And post some lovely inspiration from Pinterest to spread the creativity!

So here we go! (credit/links to the site found by clicking the reference image)

1.) “Owl always love you”



I always love me some sparkle, and to combine it with some forest love – well, that is some mighty cute happenings!

2.) “One in a Minion.”





You can’t possibly say no to these nails, especially not after watching Despicable Me 2! ❤

3.) “Oldy but goldy”





This is similar to my first #MANICureMondays, but the slim line, rather than the complete tip, caught my eye. The accent nail is lovely!

4.) “Patterns, Patterns, Everywhere!”


If only I had a steadier hand… but I can appreciate it!

I hope you had a lovely day, and have a great week!




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