[craftspace] to-do’s on thrifty thursday


photo (1)

Hello, everyone! Happy Thursday!

So a week ago, I accidentally printed several catalogs that we no longer needed…. Which means:

1.) Trees hate me

2.) I’m not going to just recycle brand new paper

3.) I need a solution

So I looked around and noticed that I use a lot of post-its. If it doesn’t get written down, it unfortunately does not get done.

Therefore, the solution was… to construct a paper to-do list and make use of the paper!

Step 1.) Grab the pile of paper.


Unfortunately, this is bigger than I wanted it to be. Especially since I didn’t think I’d have any. But I digress.

Step 2.) Hole punch the paper and secure the pages together by using whatever you have! The hole on the left was threaded with cut piece of a clear plastic bag. The hole on the right is held together by a pastry bag clincher/twine.

photo (2)

Gotta make do with what you have, right?


On a side note: you can make this look a lot cuter than I did. I went for practicality, here!

Step 3.) Decorate and use!

Here’s one option:


And another…

photo (3)

I like making various designs each day to spice things up. One day, it was a dragon curling around the to-do list.  Some other days, it’s a bird fluttering about a telephone pole. This time, it’s a boat floating over the ocean of tasks to accomplish. I think it’s inspired by the fact that we went over the story of Jesus calming the stormy seas yesterday. He is powerful!

Let your imagination soar!

And then use the paper and recycle it : )

Have a wonderful day in the Lord!




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