[craftspace] You can’t keep birds from flying over your head…



Hello there, and happy Monday! 🙂

Have you ever heard the adage, “You can’t keep the birds from flying over your head, but you can keep them from building a nest in your hair”?

Well, we had an animal themed night and I had no idea what to do! So… I decided to make  something that show that in a few cases (probably not in general) – you can have the birds nest in your hair and make it cute!

Step 1: Grab some paper. Preferably, it would be thicker to hold up better.

IMG_1845 IMG_1846

Step 2: Grab  a headband! I liked this Grecian style because it made the birds look more legit (in their habitat).


Step 3: Fold the pages down to the sizes you want the critters to be!




Step 4:   Grab a pen and doodle out a bird (or any other animal that you prefer)!

IMG_1850   IMG_1858

Step5: Grab scissors and away we go! Snip-snip-snip!


After cutting out the bird’s silhouette, cut a little slit into the feet area.


Like so!

IMG_1860 IMG_1861

Step 6: Grab an adhesive (nail polish again!) and apply it to the bird’s wings, and then take some yarn to cover the area.



IMG_1853 IMG_1865



Little lovebirds ; )IMG_1867

Step 7: Take a piece of string, paper, or yarn (whichever method is easiest) and thread it through the hole.


Step 8:  Take the ends and wrap them around the headband to fasten!


I thought it would look cuter with some yarn covering the paper, and so created mini “nests” with the yarn.

IMG_1870 IMG_1871

And you’re done! Please excuse the extra dot of nail polish on the right bird. It’s a birthmark ; )

IMG_1874I hope this gave some ideas for projects, and have a lovely day!




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