[inspirespace] a french classic #MANICureMonday



Well, you know it’s that time…

For another case of the #MANICureMondays! I initially wanted my nails to be solid glossy colors (used Essie’s Mint Candy Apple and Essie’s Sand Tropez). But then I went and added Essie’s “Show Me The Ring” – a gorgeous, subtle sheen of gold that layers lightly over the base color. And Loved it so much to every nail.

I thought I was done.

Even added that top coat and errrthang.

But I noticed the gold polish lying around and…

Gave myself a french tip : )

And had to add another top coat.


I love how it turned out! The sheen helps join the two colors together and provides an unexpected, but (at least to me) lovely twist of events!

I hope this encourages you to experiment and enjoy whatever options you can put together with your nail lacquer collection!

Have a lovely Monday!




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