Beauty on a Budget! DIY Deep – Cleaning Makeup Brushes



Hello there!

Today, we’re going to be environmentally conscious and economically savvy :).

ALL that in ADDITION to deep-cleaning your makeup brushes!

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

So let’s begin!


IMG_2189  IMG_2184

(top left) Shampoo (I used this one because I couldn’t find my baby shampoo. It works!)

(top right) An object higher in elevation than the brushes (It’ll make sense later)

(bottom left) An empty jar

(bottom right) Dirty brushes and a small towel

IMG_2182  IMG_2173


1.) Pump a quarter-size dollop of shampoo into the jar

2.) Pour in hot water from the faucet into the jar, stimulating the shampoo to bubble

You want just enough so that placing the brushes inside won’t cause a flood

3.) Place the brushes inside and let soak for a few seconds

4.) Swirl one brush at a time against the jar’s bottom to knock out makeup product

5.) Rinse the bristles quickly and set aside on the small towel

6.) Repeat until all brushes are squeaky clean

7.) Place the higher object in the center of the towel, then place the brushes with the handles leaning against the object so the bristles touch the towel

This makes sure no residual water stays in the brush handle and causes rusting/damage to the brush

8.) Wait to dry, then use the brushes to your heart’s content!


I love how these few steps allow me to save time (washing) and money (shampoo), as well as water (because most of it is in the jar)!

If you’re more of a visual person than a person of “the written word,” feel free to click any of the pictures in this post and get directed to the video I created to communicate the deep-cleaning process.

Play some fun music and make this time fun! 🙂

brush cleaner official 3

I hope you found this helpful, and have a lovely day!




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