[inspirespace] Summer Lovin,’ Gap Style

Summer Lovin,’ Gap Style
Why, hello there!


Don’t you love the weather that’s coming from yonder horizon?


Well, I am!


And so I decided to style 2 outfits spotlighting GAP’s lovely basics.


Simple day-to-night looks!





Summer Lovin,’ Gap Style

Summer Lovin,’ Gap Style

[inspirespace] a french classic #MANICureMonday



Well, you know it’s that time…

For another case of the #MANICureMondays! I initially wanted my nails to be solid glossy colors (used Essie’s Mint Candy Apple and Essie’s Sand Tropez). But then I went and added Essie’s “Show Me The Ring” – a gorgeous, subtle sheen of gold that layers lightly over the base color. And Loved it so much to every nail.

I thought I was done.

Even added that top coat and errrthang.

But I noticed the gold polish lying around and…

Gave myself a french tip : )

And had to add another top coat.


I love how it turned out! The sheen helps join the two colors together and provides an unexpected, but (at least to me) lovely twist of events!

I hope this encourages you to experiment and enjoy whatever options you can put together with your nail lacquer collection!

Have a lovely Monday!



[inspirespace] Pretty Pastels // Springtime Fashion

Pretty Pastels I Springtime Fashion
Hello, lovely people!
Don’t you love spring? Loving the ways we can incorporate the idea of “floral” without having to resort to floral prints!
Have a lovely Friday!

[inspirespace] gotta catch ’em all!

gotta catch 'em all!
I honestly think this is my favorite outfit set that I’ve created thus far!

A touch of quirkiness to a perfectly complementary outfit

Jazzing up a casual tank with an asymmetrical skirt and cobalt blue peep-toe heels is the best way to go

Throw  some hipster glasses and tangerine nail polish in the mix

Neutralize that craziness by pairing it wtih a khaki trench coat and everyday purse

Who can say no?

No one.

Go and catch ’em all! 🙂



[inspirespace] Critters & #MANICureMondays!



Hello, everyone! Happy beginning of a new week!

So yesterday, I received the sweetest encouragement from one of my dear friends.

And needless to say, she knows me pretty well, and undoubtedly inspired this week’s edition of #MANICureMondays!

Below is the cast for this episode:


And the star is this Formula X quintessential mermaid blue, gifted by… Anna from spoolofsunshine.BlogSpot.com!

Isn’t it gorgeous?


It’s fascinating because the color dries not to a crazy shine, but to more of a matte finish. Even though it’s sparkly.

Does that make sense?

Anywhoo, I painted my nails white to let the blue pop even more, and then layered over it the polish of honor.

I proceeded to apply silver glitter of assorted sizes to the tips of my fingernails, and then topped it off with the best topcoat in the world!

And poof! You can become a mermaid just like that ; )


Not only did she provide words of encouragement and a lovely nail polish, but she also handmade this amazingly adorable, heart wrenchingly cute charm! It is a Mamegama (seal character). And it pulled at my heartstrings : )

Did it grab at yours too?

She’s done so many crafty projects, it’s crazy that someone like her exists, and that I even know someone like her. Not even that, but I am blessed to know her! : )

On another note…

World, meet Vinnie.

AKA a cute red pig.

Click on the image to visit Anna’s page, where he was born and shared!


And if you really, really like what you see…

check out her etsy here!

What she’s currently offering:

bracelets owls

The cross-weave bracelet is $7.50, and the adorable owl is $8! Perfect accessories to accentuate whatever neutral/colorful outfit you may wear, and the perfect companion to accompany you on curious whims.

She makes a hodgepodge of so many other things, so feel free to just message her and ask!

I hope you enjoyed this edition of #MANICureMondays!

Have a lovely week, y’all.



[inspirespace] #MANICure Mondays – Red is the New Black



Although a rich burgundy is a favorite of mine any day, with spring coming and a whole lot of color with it, a more cheerful red was called for. Wow, that was a long sentence. And I’m not sure it was grammatically correct.

But I digress.

Don’t you love the vibrancy of such a bold color? I used to think I couldn’t pull it off – especially when my nails grew longer (I thought they looked like claws on a carnivorous animal). But I make sure to cut my nails before applying a color such as this one, and it seems to lower the creature-like quality that somehow imprinted on my mind (hehe, do you get it?).

Lesson of the day: don’t be afraid to try new colors! There are certain colors that do work better on certain skin tones, but so many shades exist to match everyone out there. This  shade in particular is a Forever21 nail polish with a Seche Vite topcoat (the BEST!) – a combo that never fails to make my nail-heart go pitter patter – just like the rain outside!

Have a bright, joyful day in the Lord and stay warm!