#PassportToParis OOTD & Travel Edition



Hello everyone, and happy Friday!

So today, I decided to take the #fbf route because this OOTD was supposed to get posted a little while ago.

A little while ago meaning…. several months ago.

Time sure seems to fly, and so did I… to Paris this past year!

So let’s get started, shall we? 🙂


A little ways away from Notre Dame (and an awesome stand that offers nutella crepes, SO good!).


And this spot?

It just seemed like a really, really nice place to read.

I wish I could have plopped myself down where that person was sitting and relax for a sunny afternoon by the water, leaning against that lone lamppost.

With a hot cup of tea.

Ahh yes, it’s definitely fall today.


We went walking this-a-way and that-a-way and found numerous lovely places for photoshoots! Too bad my luggage had been lost, which led to…

dressing myself with my mom’s clothes,

dressing myself with my sister’s clothes,

doing makeup using my mom’s small arsenal,

and… shopping!

IMG_2648  The lightweight maxi dress with the jungle green print was something I picked up the first day in Paris, and I wore that piece like crazy!

Paired it with the Love Culture hat I thankfully did not put in my luggage and the H&M purse that stayed with me the entire time as well 🙂


Such enchanting views, I loved seeing all the beautiful things in that city!IMG_2662

Lots of amusing events happened here as well, but that can be saved for another time.

Let’s get one last look at the outfit, shall we?IMG_2670

A light and refreshing outfit that allowed me to carry all my essentials for a day of exploring in the city of love!

I hope you had a fun time with me and enjoyed this post –

I’m thankful I was able to visit another part of the globe and see the wonderful creation – the sights and the views and the places to go – for myself!

Have a lovely day!




[snapshotspace] Nail Painting Time – Triple Threat Edition!




Happy Tuesday!

A little while ago, I got to spend some good quality NPT (“nail painting time”) with godly, wonderful women!

Quite an ideal combination of fun and fellowship, I feel 🙂

So without further ado, here is a peek at all the shenanigans that went on that afternoon!


Design Overview:

Left: An individual chevron-esque design outlined with black to make it pop more to the eye. I  wish I could have practiced more before attempting the look. But I’m thankful for a gracious friend who appreciated it nonetheless (I hope, hehe).

Middle: Essie’s “Sand Tropez” and “Mint Candy Apple” layered with Essie’s “Show Me The Ring” to add pearly dimension.

Right: Yellow nail polish with a French tip created using a gold marker, protected with a top coat.


T’was a lovely afternoon, and I hope to be able to repeat it sometime again!



[snapshotspace] It’s Friday… Let It Go!



Happy Thursday or Friday to you, everyone!

And if you’re reading this not on one of those days, then greetings from the past!

Ever since  I watched Frozen, it has somehow been a part of my life.

Friends saying clever snippets from the script in reference to normal life.

Really, really wanting to build a snowman.

Buying the soundtrack as soon as it was on a lightning deal sale on Amazon (15% off!!) – thank you, friend! : )

I think you get the gist!


And so, I decided to do a makeup look inspired by HyoRin of the kpop group Sistar, who sang her rendition of the song with a lovely, subtle makeup look that I really liked. The purity and simplicity really caught my eye, and the silver reminded me of, well, a snowflake!

The clustered necklace of ostentatious faux pearls, diamonds, and silver chain was the closest item I could grasp that reminded me of the snow that “glows white on the mountain tonight”… which might not be the ideal accessory for snow, but…

Let it go!



I feel like it really brightens up the face and provides a healthy glow, yet maintains some semblance of natural makeup. Like, a close relative. Maybe a cousin?


Take a look if you like by clicking here or any of the images above, and have a  lovely summer-y day in spring!



[inspirespace] MANICureMondays



So, this was actually posted on my instagram on Monday, and I was going to start a series called #MANICureMondays.

You know, like the song  “Manic Mondays” by The Bangles?

And I found it perfectly fit with “Manicure”… Neat, huh?

I thought so, too.

So, I decided to do this as a consistent string of posts, you know.

Only, it didn’t even end up being posted until today. Which is two days too late.

But you know, better to start than not start at all! So here goes: I hope you enjoyed this snapshot!  : )

Don’t you love the gold tips?? I usually stick with white because it’s classic, but because the metal is such a rich color… I decided, why not? The look is still neutral and so it all matches whatever clothes you throw on! AND it makes your outfit look so much more put together, because you have colored chemicals placed strategically on your fingertips.


[stylespace] twirling in the blues



Why, hello there!

It’s been a little while. And you know what they say about any length of “whiles”….

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”

hehe. : )

Anywhow, this is one of the fancier get-ups I put together and wanted to share with you.

The following is a glance at the overall outfit – do you like the pillow that’s crying from happiness at being in bed? I’ll be the first to admit I feel like that sometimes when I wake up on Saturday morning without needing to use an alarm.



The hammered gold necklace. Goes with everything. So lightweight I forget it’s there. Affordable.

That’s my type of fashion.

The dress I purchased here (this takes you to my profile) – the website itself is like a huge women’s eBay, complete with a plethora of fashionable clothing, shoes, accessories, and more! It’s such fun to browse, and this Forever 21 pleated dusty blue dress was a steal 🙂


The blue shade of this dress is absolutely lovely. The draping of the light material is flattering to any body shape, and the breathable quality makes me happy with comfort. It makes me imagine that I’m twirling in a prairie with cheerful yellow wildflowers waving all around me in a sea of green… ahh.

I paired a burgundy belt with interlocking gold buckles to cinch in the waist and to accent the main cornflower blue.


Gahh. Love the pleating. It holds up surprisingly well in the wash (I take precautions by putting into a zippered permeable bag that protects it from snags). The dress length was too short for comfort when I received in the mail, but I remedied that with a longer black skirt. It provides a nice contrast while making it more my style! Make your clothes work for you, I say!


These strappy nude heels aren’t that comfortable, but they sure are cute! I remember there were a few smudges when I examined them in the store, and managed to get a 15% discount. I later wiped at it and found they came right off! Win-win, that’s for sure! The patent leather looks so clean and elegant and I really like the silhouette.


This purse I like to look at. But with a lot of things in fashion, I find that it’s not that practical. As in, I can’t fit in my phone, wallet, book, keys, and the rest of my life. in it But you win some, you lose some, right? The gold and red colors pair well with my belt, and the taupe pulls the black and cornflower blue together into a classy concoction of sorts.


They’re pretty cute together, too. : )

I hope you guys enjoyed your (hopefully) longer weekend, and have a lovely day in the Lord!