[stylespace] a winter wonderland


 So… these shoes are taking me to new heights.

Quite literally so.

Would you like to take a look?


Oh my.

My dear sister bought me these lovely beauties for my birthday a few months ago, not knowing just how high these would be. And when I opened the box on that fateful day, I tried walking in them and thought I would die.


Not just from teetering and crashing like the walls of Jericho, but from how adorable the buckle detailing is on the strap!


And so I determined to gather my courage and demonstrate my appreciation by wearing them! For the past month, I have enjoyed conjuring up new looks to work with these heels. Perfect to wear around the holidays, especially!


Pairing the perfect hunter green top with distressed jeans made this look oh-so-very-comfortable, and the heels totally kicked it up a notch (no pun intended)!


Nothing like some festive pillows in the background to spice up the photo ; )



And seriously, no pain no gain, right?


 The peephole in the back I found endearing, particularly with the buttons and the softest underlying tank that’s attached. No need to purchase or rummage around for a tank? That’s an A+ in my book.


I whipped up this connected ring-bracelet contraption a year ago and found it perfectly contrasted with the deeper hues of the shirt. All about juxtaposition and finding the complementary&contrasting natures of different items to make it work!


Decided to pair like elements this time around, with these gorgeous golden beads cascading down my ear. I’ve been favoring studs for the past few months, but seeing beautifully made creations like this challenge me to lengthen my earrings broaden my horizons!


I hope you had a lovely Christmas, not only giving thanks for the various gifts given and the family’s love received – but ultimately for the One who is the greatest Gift and showed love as no one has and can ever show.