[stylespace] Retro Repeat OOTD



Hello, hello!

So today, I’m featuring the Zara laser cutout heels that I’ve been showing for the past few posts, haha.

I thrifted the patterned sweatshirt (What’s the pattern called? Not houndstooth, but something similar…) and…

I wanted something not too crazy to clash with the top today, so I paired it with this statement necklace from Windsor.

The gleam from the stones adds some visual interest, but the fact that it’s in the same color palette as the sweatshirt helps it hang as a subtle piece.


To keep this office-friendly, I paired it with a black pencil skirt from J. Crew (thrifted!) and the heels! 🙂


The pattern makes me so dizzy but deliriously happy inside, haha. I love the coziness of the knit, but do y’all understand when your accessory/a sharp corner of a desk gets caught in the yarn and unravels a part of it? Merp.




A closeup from head…


To toe!


All ten of them, in fact. 😀

Have a lovely day!




[stylespace] chestnuts roasting on an open fire



[#laterpost] Today was black Friday, and you know what that means! Praise the Lord, it wasn’t too crazy where I went, but I wanted to be comfortable walking around. A tip if you’re going shopping for clothes – wear layers (ex. tank tops) so you can try on sheer tops/items that you would normally layer so you don’t need to scrounge around the store looking for an extra item to try on in the fitting room!


This outfit boasts the crop tank as the visual centerpiece. I saw it on my favorite, (relatively) new women’s clothing marketplace, www.threadflip.com. It’s so exciting to see something that you know is just right for your style, and at an affordable price point to boot! The melting Chanel design has been around for a while, and while I’m not sure where it started, the overall aesthetic appealed to me. I’ve already worn it on several diverse occasions – once while running, and now this! I can tell you now that it will make a frequent appearance in my day-to-day life.


A chic, comfy, chilling-by-the-fire-roasting-chestnuts was the vibe I was going for, and I think the rainy day made it easy for me to achieve this feeling (because that’s all I felt like doing when I awoke).


The rocker-chic aspect of the tank was offset by the coziness of the thick tribal cardigan (another one that my closet seemed to pick up). The soft brown-burgundy cardigan underneath the tank warrants a post of its own, which will follow soon afterwards.


The rich jewel tone of the burgundy is emphasized by the grey platform wedges, as the folds settle into the crevice between the ankle and shoe. I love the lines of the shoes, as they create the form. And not only that, but they’re so comfortable I can’t complain about anything!


I hope you all scored some great deals! Below is my excited face when I imagine discovering those treats ; )


I just purchased a few things, most of them products I was already planning to buy (*cough* hand sanitizers *cough*) and a few wild card clothing/accessory pieces. The loveliest time was just being able to be with family and see Christmas decorations go up to remind us why we celebrate in the first place! 


And off to the side you can see the coziness of the fireplace just creeping up. Ahhh, I can’t wait to do that sometime with a cup of hot tea and a good book, nestled into that grey blanket!

Have a lovely day!



[hackspace] revamping wardrobes!


Howdy, folks! I feel a little cowgirl-ish today, if you know what I mean. 🙂

So, I decided to be a good girl and rummage through my closet, looking for neglected clothing that need new homes! It’s crazy how the interwebs work, as two items have already sold since I posted them yesterday – and so I thought I’d show what’s available here so y’all can take a crack at it. I love all the items listed, but you know when the time has come for them to go – even if they’re pretty much brand new -.-” If you have any questions, feel free to drop them down below, and I’ll skedaddle to answer them as quickly as possible! Simply click the first photo of the item to visit the page! 🙂


1.) Striped Bodycon Skirt

Price: $5.99 Auction/$7.99 Buy it now

I love how the vertical stripes slim the figure, but alas – this skirt and I have parted ways. And black/white combos are so in this spring!

Tragic, I know.

But hopeful, for you!

IMG_0073 IMG_0075

2.) Asymmetrical Tribal/Geometric Design Top with Rhinestone detailing

Price: $7.99 Auction/$8.99 Buy it now

Note: one of those stringy thingamajigs that’s supposed to help hang the shirt snapped off, but the other one is fine. But honestly, I don’t understand the point of putting them on shirts that can clearly hang on all by themselves. Maybe they can charge a little extra or something? The mysteries.

IMG_0078 IMG_0079

3.) Ruffle Halter Sheer Plaid Pattern Summer Top
Price: $7.99 Auction/$9.99 Buy it now
I also really enjoy the structured collar and form of this top. But… you know. Sometimes, you buy something, love it, and for some reason… never really wear it. The time has come for someone else to enjoy it.

IMG_0092 IMG_0093 IMG_0094 IMG_0095

4.) Forever 21 Navy Blue/Cream Tribal Shorts

Price: $11.99 Auction/$13.99 Buy it now

I really like the way these shorts fit – they’re so soft, and the pattern makes it so fun! I would pair this with a sheer blouse and maybe some cork wedges – so cute! 🙂 How would you style them?

IMG_0099 IMG_0100 IMG_0101  IMG_0103

5.) Theme V-Neck Top with Tulle Flowers and Delicate Beadwork [never worn]

Price: $7.99 Auction/$9.99 Buy it now

This is such a lovely piece! I love how it screams spring without being all in-your-face about it. So versatile. Yes. Yes. Yes.

IMG_0145 IMG_0146   IMG_0149 IMG_0150

6.) Tribal Bodycon Dress

Price: $5.99 Auction/$6.99 Buy it now

This dress isn’t really my style, but it sneakily ended up in my closet! Please, help! 🙂

IMG_0109 IMG_0110

7.) Forever 21/Heritage 1981 Scalloped Neckline/Black Eyelet Summer Dress

Price: $8.99 Auction/$11.99 Buy it now

This was actually a friend’s, and she never wore it. So she gave it to me to share with the world! I looooove the detailing here, but… I don’t fit in it haha.It’s perfect for the beach~ throw on a light cardigan and you’re good to go!

IMG_0137 IMG_0138 IMG_0139 IMG_0140 IMG_0141 IMG_0142

8.) Scott McClintock Vintage (like, legitimately vintage) Cocktail Dress with Brooch

Price: $21.99 Auction/$24.99 Buy it now

This is hands down my favorite sell! It’s SO beautiful, it literally took my breath away when I saw it. And I bought it, even though… again, I can’t fit in it. There’s this boning that made me realize someone who’s a size small is the “diamond in the rough” who can wear such a beautiful piece (did anyone catch the reference?)

IMG_0115 IMG_0116  IMG_0118  IMG_0120    IMG_0125 IMG_0126

Love. Love love love.


9.) Wet Seal Messenger Bag


10.) J.Crew Chino “Broken-in” Shorts