How To Shop Smart I Spring Edition


Hello everyone!

Springtime inspired me to purge my closet (I’ll be sharing more about that in a future post) to make more room. And guess what? I could fling open the closet door and experience a breeze of fresh air wafting out, and all without a mountain of fabric avalanching on my face. Okay, that’s a little exaggerated, but you get the gist!

And with that extra room, I wanted to do a bit of smart shopping to start off 2015, which is pretty much the following formula: shopping affordably + appropriately to the season. 599fashion wanted to help me reach my goal, and so I’m here to share with you a few items they sent over! I love how they offer so many options for clothing, accessories, lifestyle, etc… AND did you know they boast an extended line to include items for men+women+children – any creative last minute ideas for Mother’s or Father’s day, anyone? ;).

Let me show you my little haul with! I’ll leave you a rundown of the details (shipping, thoughts on quality, etc) after the images. Let me know your thoughts!


super cute, not too large for my ears, brand new and the little chains added a fun flair to my outfit! 



i adore this piece. it’s bohemian. it’s classic. it’s bendable. it’s simple.


Doesn’t it look absolutely… thoughtful, for an inanimate object? heh.



too sweet for words. a lovely complement for the classic white tee.


isn’t it?



whimsical, and the universal necklace. any look, and BAM. you’re done.




the quirky, outgoing one. free to pair with anything to add a little funk.


oh, yeah.


item six: THE SUNNIES

standard shades. cool texture.




need i say more?


oh, my darling!



my favorite shirt atm. so spring but so versatile.


that detail, though…



a fun, mickey-inspired shirt with the CUTEST bow formed into the shirt.

see below.




And yeah! I hope you enjoyed that sneak peek. I’ll link a video to show me trying on all of the items in the set HERE. or here.


SHIPPINGfast! arrived just a few days after placing the order

SERVICEeasy, and very responsive. i even received an e-mail update regarding where the package was!

SETthe amount of items offered on is immense! i love that there are so many styles that are catered to, and the price point (everything $5.99 or less

AVAILABILITY (sorry, no more alliteration): things go pretty quickly due to the low price points, so the exact items that even I’m showing you may not be on the website anymore. however, there are so many products loaded, which means similar things are sure to be discovered. how you go about that is up to you! it’s the ultimate scavenger hunt 🙂

Aaaaand that’s it! I hope you enjoyed the images and found this post helpful – let me know if you have any questions and I’ll get back to you! 🙂

Have a lovely day!


599Fashion found here!




*the items in this post were provided by for consideration. all thoughts are my own and are 100% honest!*


[stylespace] my love from another star inspired makeup & ootd


 Happy Thursday, everyone!!

So, there’s this crazy popular Korean drama that’s been going around… You may have heard of it…

It’s called My Love from Another Star/something similar and is (as can be expected) a love story. I saw the image of Jun Ji Hyun below and was inspired to create a fresh spring, natural look! Jun Ji Hyun’s also known for her fashion sense throughout the series, and so I did my own take on the styled outfit below. Stay tuned to the end of the video for that! (Click on the next or the next next image to be ushered to page!)


That’s not too alien of an idea, is it? (hehe, sorry for the corniness).


And to make your Thursday a little cuter, here is an awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww -worthy image! A friend sent it over, and I thought it was the cutest thing ever.


Have a lovely day!



Aaaaand music for  this week: Tori Kelly’s #Foreword EP! 16 minutes and 14 seconds of repeatable goodness. : )

[inspirespace] a french classic #MANICureMonday



Well, you know it’s that time…

For another case of the #MANICureMondays! I initially wanted my nails to be solid glossy colors (used Essie’s Mint Candy Apple and Essie’s Sand Tropez). But then I went and added Essie’s “Show Me The Ring” – a gorgeous, subtle sheen of gold that layers lightly over the base color. And Loved it so much to every nail.

I thought I was done.

Even added that top coat and errrthang.

But I noticed the gold polish lying around and…

Gave myself a french tip : )

And had to add another top coat.


I love how it turned out! The sheen helps join the two colors together and provides an unexpected, but (at least to me) lovely twist of events!

I hope this encourages you to experiment and enjoy whatever options you can put together with your nail lacquer collection!

Have a lovely Monday!



[inspirespace] Pretty Pastels // Springtime Fashion

Pretty Pastels I Springtime Fashion
Hello, lovely people!
Don’t you love spring? Loving the ways we can incorporate the idea of “floral” without having to resort to floral prints!
Have a lovely Friday!

[snapshotspace] ModCloth X HelloBlackbird!


photo (22)

 The sun is shining, the clouds are carefree, and it’s another day of life we’ve been given!

I’m excited to announce that I have the opportunity to work with ModCloth’s “Uniquely You” campaign today! Seeing the featured “Bouquet of the Season” dress (specifically the “Bright Over Here” style) immediately conjured images of traveling to far off places and stories as such.


Oh, what marvelous sights to see –

from slumbering sand dunes

to lush valleys

to cerulean waves dancing to the current!

Oh, what lovely landmarks to visit –

whether one traverses to places only in the imagination

or one returns to the trusty home, the keeper of fond memories!

Oh, reader, oh the places you’ll go –

In this dress, of course!

BB Dakota Bright Over Here Dress

BB Dakota Bright Over Here Dress //

Some clothing items simply have memories attached to them that others don’t, and it makes it harder to part with sometimes. Until the spring cleaning bug attacks… and then even that nostalgia can’t save them. Heh. But if I were to own this dress, it would never retire! Here’s how I would style this beauty, and it’s crazy wonderful how all of the pieces complement this spring theme of, “Oh, the places you’ll go!”

Make Big Waves Sunhat

Make Big Waves //

How gorgeous is this hat? The black ribbon and trim make this a smart straw sun hat. Doesn’t it somehow exude an aura of an updated bonnet? I can imagine standing on a boat’s prow, wind whistling around my ears with this hat while the dress sways to the breeze. Or even trudging through a desert with it to ward off the scorching heat. Or even keeping some of the rain patter off the dress and protecting your face while exploring Rome!

In Dew Time Earrings in Morning

In Dew Time Flowers In Morning //

How better to complement the dress and bring a fresh array of colors? I adore studs because they’re so versatile, easy to pack, and add a splash of delightful in every outfit! These scream adventure in a sweet way, and the soft corals/pinks bring out the striking blues of the dress. What a way to work as a team!

In the Zone Necklace

In The Zone Necklace //

Isn’t this just the neatest? Not only can you have the time from where you started your travels, but you can also easily glance for the time at your present location! Of course, it might not make you happy as you see the time difference (and thus the jetlag that you’re presumably feeling), but what a nifty metal accessory to add interest to the dress?

Whirl Traveler Necklace

Whirl Traveler Necklace //

And obviously, a stylin’ jetsetter likes to layer so she doesn’t have too many items in her luggage! I love how it works so well with the clock necklace and displays (literally!) the world of possibilities!

Celestial Chateau Makeup Bag

Celestial Chateau Makeup Bag //

If the sky is the limit, you can’t say no to the perfect accessory for your dress! The rich blue hue matches the blue color scheme, and the detailing matches our accessories! If you need to take only a few things, might as well turn this makeup bag into a clutch and run out the door! Make some new memories with this conversation piece, with your arms relaxing and allowing the dress to shine as you chat. Where are you going to be this time? : )

Inherent Initiative Bag

Inherent Initiative Bag //

This describes you, doesn’t it? I adore the detailing on this satchel. The natural brown contrast the pure white flap, but evokes the outdoors when juxtaposed with the lovely blue flower print of the star item! Throw in all the travel essentials and truly, oh the places you’ll go!

Ambrosia to the Occasion Heel

Ambrosia to the Occasion Heel //

Have you heard the saying, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”? Well, it’s also true that “if your feet ain’t happy, ain’t no day happy!” and we all know it! That’s why these coral shoes are such winners – the coral and blue meld together beautifully, and the strap hits just below the ankle, elongating the legs and making your feet want to dance. You’ll be doing a jig across the continents in this daring duo!

Bedside Dream Journal

Bedside Dream Journal //

And when all is said and done,

When the adventures have been had,

the strangers met,

the experiences made,

the food eaten,

and the places explored,

you will come back home –


the better for the journey,

and honestly, tired.

Record those dreams and memories in a journal that will spur other lovely dreams that a good night’s rest and a fresh new morning will bring.

And hanging there,

freshly laundered and waiting,

will be your “Bright over Here!” dress –

waiting to accompany you once more.

And one day, should you ever want another travel companion, ModCloth offers an immense selection of lovely dresses for your perusing!

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day!



song of the week: “not a bad thing” cover by Gabe Bondoc

[inspirespace] Critters & #MANICureMondays!



Hello, everyone! Happy beginning of a new week!

So yesterday, I received the sweetest encouragement from one of my dear friends.

And needless to say, she knows me pretty well, and undoubtedly inspired this week’s edition of #MANICureMondays!

Below is the cast for this episode:


And the star is this Formula X quintessential mermaid blue, gifted by… Anna from!

Isn’t it gorgeous?


It’s fascinating because the color dries not to a crazy shine, but to more of a matte finish. Even though it’s sparkly.

Does that make sense?

Anywhoo, I painted my nails white to let the blue pop even more, and then layered over it the polish of honor.

I proceeded to apply silver glitter of assorted sizes to the tips of my fingernails, and then topped it off with the best topcoat in the world!

And poof! You can become a mermaid just like that ; )


Not only did she provide words of encouragement and a lovely nail polish, but she also handmade this amazingly adorable, heart wrenchingly cute charm! It is a Mamegama (seal character). And it pulled at my heartstrings : )

Did it grab at yours too?

She’s done so many crafty projects, it’s crazy that someone like her exists, and that I even know someone like her. Not even that, but I am blessed to know her! : )

On another note…

World, meet Vinnie.

AKA a cute red pig.

Click on the image to visit Anna’s page, where he was born and shared!


And if you really, really like what you see…

check out her etsy here!

What she’s currently offering:

bracelets owls

The cross-weave bracelet is $7.50, and the adorable owl is $8! Perfect accessories to accentuate whatever neutral/colorful outfit you may wear, and the perfect companion to accompany you on curious whims.

She makes a hodgepodge of so many other things, so feel free to just message her and ask!

I hope you enjoyed this edition of #MANICureMondays!

Have a lovely week, y’all.



[inspirespace] #MANICureMondays Dabbling







It’s a Monday and…

I have a confession to make.

My nails don’t appreciate it very much when I constantly put on polish. There, I said it! Sometimes it feels like they’re restricted and can’t breathe, which is probably a sign that it’s no bueno to do it all the time. 

And this week, I decided to take a break! And post some lovely inspiration from Pinterest to spread the creativity!

So here we go! (credit/links to the site found by clicking the reference image)

1.) “Owl always love you”



I always love me some sparkle, and to combine it with some forest love – well, that is some mighty cute happenings!

2.) “One in a Minion.”





You can’t possibly say no to these nails, especially not after watching Despicable Me 2! ❤

3.) “Oldy but goldy”





This is similar to my first #MANICureMondays, but the slim line, rather than the complete tip, caught my eye. The accent nail is lovely!

4.) “Patterns, Patterns, Everywhere!”


If only I had a steadier hand… but I can appreciate it!

I hope you had a lovely day, and have a great week!