[stylespace] Retro Repeat OOTD



Hello, hello!

So today, I’m featuring the Zara laser cutout heels that I’ve been showing for the past few posts, haha.

I thrifted the patterned sweatshirt (What’s the pattern called? Not houndstooth, but something similar…) and…

I wanted something not too crazy to clash with the top today, so I paired it with this statement necklace from Windsor.

The gleam from the stones adds some visual interest, but the fact that it’s in the same color palette as the sweatshirt helps it hang as a subtle piece.


To keep this office-friendly, I paired it with a black pencil skirt from J. Crew (thrifted!) and the heels! ūüôā


The pattern makes me so dizzy but deliriously happy inside, haha. I love the coziness of the knit, but do y’all understand when your accessory/a sharp corner of a desk gets caught in the yarn and unravels a part of it? Merp.




A closeup from head…


To toe!


All ten of them, in fact. ūüėÄ

Have a lovely day!




[stylespace] The Tribal Cardigan Makes a Comeback!


photo (1)

Hello there!

It’s a lovely Tuesday and I wanted to share a new way to work¬†with the tribal cardigan I featured here!

It was such a beautiful¬†day, perfect to break out my summer uniform of a white tee and jeans. ūüôā

photo (2)

If you didn’t know, I’ve been absolutely adoring this statement necklace!

It’s “The One” if there ever was one for statement pieces, and so many people (friends and strangers alike)¬†¬†on the street have told me they love it as well!

Kinda cool, kinda throws you off when you walk down the street not expecting to be stopped haha.

Mostly cool though. ūüôā

photo (3)

Love love love the brown boots as well!

They’re so versatile, and I’ve been wearing them around aaaaall weekend.

I also showed them in this haul, if you want to stop by ūüôā

photo (4)

Hehe a few unexpected photos were taken at this moment in time.

Me: “Hey! Are you taking pictures?”

Other: “he…he..he… :)”

photo (5)

I hope you enjoyed this style snack, and have a lovely day!




[inspirespace] #MANICure Mondays – Red is the New Black



Although a rich burgundy is a favorite of mine any day, with spring coming and a whole lot of¬†color with it, a more cheerful red was called for. Wow, that was a long sentence. And I’m not sure it was grammatically correct.

But I digress.

Don’t you love the vibrancy of such a bold color? I used to think I couldn’t pull it off – especially when my nails grew longer (I thought they looked like claws on a carnivorous animal). But I make sure to cut my nails before applying a color such as this one, and it seems to lower the creature-like quality that somehow imprinted on my mind (hehe, do you get it?).

Lesson of the day: don’t be afraid to try new colors! There are certain colors that do work better on certain skin tones, but so many shades exist to match everyone¬†out there. This ¬†shade in particular is a Forever21 nail polish with a Seche Vite topcoat (the BEST!) – a combo that never fails to make my nail-heart go pitter patter – just like the rain outside!

Have a bright, joyful day in the Lord and stay warm!



[craftspace] fixing statement pieces



If I were to write a novella today, it would be called The Case of the Missing Jewel.


Because I purchased this marvelous little necklace for an unbelievable price of $7.80. I thought it looked absolutely delicious, like some candy of sorts.

And, if you remember, I so happily shared my find with you last week, with this puppy love outfit.

But then… the devious blue jewels kept¬†escaping of their own accord.

And then…

one went MIA indefinitely.

And honestly, who likes the¬†“almost look like a complete necklace but throw people off when they notice just one jewel missing”?

I don’t prefer it.


Do you see it? Do you? The one that’s missing?

Le sigh.

Good news –¬†there are¬†(almost)¬†always solutions to the madness!

Here is a quick and easy method to address the issue!

It’s not permanent, but it will keep those with fleeting glances from doing a double take at your neck.

[Step 1] Gather nail polishes in similar shades to the missing jewel.


The cast of characters below are the following:

– Essie’s “Mint Candy Apple”

– Revlon’s “Minted”

– Essie’s “Turquoise and Caicos”


It’s so beautiful :’)

IMG_1616 IMG_1617

 And one member that will help  keep this mystery from surfacing again: Seche Vite Top Coat!


[Step 2] Take a note card and jot down the names of the nail polishes (this is only helpful if you have more than one polish similar to the jewel shade).


Aren’t they cute?


[Step 3] Take the nail polishes and swatch each of them on the note card.


This is to help see how the colors dry, and whether color mixing needs to happen to make this project a success.


[Step 4] Find that perfect ratio!


[Step 5] Pull apart the prongs so you can avoid mistakes.


Yes, I know that the nail polish color on my nails perfectly matches the jewel shade.

Unfortunately, I left it elsewhere and could not use it immediately.

So I didn’t.

Eh. Life happens.

[Step 6] Mix a healthy amount of the nail polish together. Please do this in a well-ventilated area.


[Step 7] Fill her up!


And let her dry.


Much better, don’t you think?

IMG_1651 IMG_1652  IMG_1654

[Step 8] Fold the prongs back over the “gem.”

IMG_1655 IMG_1657  IMG_1660

[Step 9] Learn from your past mistakes and make sure to cover each gem with the top coat. This will discourage the prongs from shifting, as well as better adhere the gem to its setting so it won’t run away. ever. again.


It also adds a nice glistening touch!

IMG_1665 IMG_1666

Of course, you could always roll a piece of clay, paint it, and stick it back in, but…

ain’t nobody got time for that!

Have a great day!



[stylespace] puppy love



Hello, there!

I don’t know about you, but whenever ¬†I see an adorable canine, my heart goes pitter-patter-pitter-patter! I mean, I’m sure it does that all the time. Otherwise, I would be dead. But I especially am aware during these moments.

And maybe you feel the same way? So I put together a casual outfit – perfect for running errands, going on a picnic, or reading a book! – with a darling pup as the focal point!


Except my hair is covering it. But here it is¬†below –


And now for the collective, Awwwwwwwwwwwww!

It’s napping, too!

Pair a dusty orange tank with dark wash denim jeans for a subtle contrast. Adore the juxtaposition of two complementary colors. : )


These boots from Nordstrom Rack have been a winter staple, and I have no shame breaking the news that these are pulled out at least every other day. The rich brown color is so natural and deep… my boots-heart swoons a little every time I zip these up in the back.

And yes, I’m short. I had to cuff these American Eagle jeans to make this happen.


Thought I’d do something a little different and feature a book I have been loving! I read it for the first time several years ago and it stood out to me ever since.¬†Shadow of the Almighty,¬†Elisabeth Elliot, is a biography of her first husband, who loved God more than his own life – and showed it. It’s a striking example of how the love of God can pull sinners (all of us!) from a path to death to a path of life and righteousness, by His sanctifying grace!


So, I’m re-reading it. And I hope you’ll join me!

Aaaaand, I picked up this little beaut from Forever 21 – only $7.80 for a statement necklace! Isn’t it absolutely delightful? So fun and bright. Hopefully, it will be here to stay for a while… Forever 21 isn’t known for long-term utility products.


Also, wordpress.com just informed me that it’s my 1 year anniversary for blogging on this site! How exciting! : )

Have a lovely Monday in the Lord!