How to Wear Summer Essentials | Monochromatic

How to Wear Summer Essentials | Monochromatic


[stylespace] My Poppy Paradise



Hello again, lovely people!


Today I’m showcasing a few favorites that just joined #teamjess, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


It was a fairly hot day (for me, at least) and I felt like going out to a yummy lunch of fish tacos (AKA Rubio’s).

Which means…

1.) I needed to wear something light enough so I wouldn’t melt into a puddle.

2.) I needed to wear something heavy enough so I wouldn’t freeze inside air conditioned buildings (something I am VERY thankful for!)

And this is what popped out at me!

(get it? because like… poppy print… popped out…? hehe)

I feel like I should go into the corny/punny making business sometime. Any suggestions? 😛


I paired this plain white tee with a golden “bar” necklace from Nordstrom – it wasn’t even on sale, but it was such a steal at $10!

It makes my heart a little happier when I see something completely affordable that looks like it is worth a lot more.

Do you get what I mean?


The bright orange-red poppy print spoke to me while I was shopping in Paris, and they said,

“We’re yours! And on sale! And fit (well, a little big, but nothing adding belt loops can’t fix!)!”

And they won. Woot!


And to top off the whole look, I wore these AMAZING ZARA CUTOUT HEELS.



I’ve been wanting these heels for months now, ever since I saw them in store (in blue, but that’s less of a universal color, you know?).

And I admit, I would dream up outfits to wear them with, but didn’t ever purchase these beauties.

And then someone amazing did! 😀

And here they are on my feet 🙂


This H&M purse I revealed in a recent haul so simple yet classic!

I love the shape.


And another shot of the shoes because I adore.


Like them sunnies from Betsy Johnson? So good for sun protection, and on a steep discount from TJMaxx!

And if you have a few extra moments to join me for a dance party, I just uploaded a Taylor Swift “Shake It Off” inspired tutorial!

Screen shot 2014-09-09 at 11.47.29 PM

Adios, and until next time!



[snapshotspace] Nail Painting Time – Triple Threat Edition!




Happy Tuesday!

A little while ago, I got to spend some good quality NPT (“nail painting time”) with godly, wonderful women!

Quite an ideal combination of fun and fellowship, I feel 🙂

So without further ado, here is a peek at all the shenanigans that went on that afternoon!


Design Overview:

Left: An individual chevron-esque design outlined with black to make it pop more to the eye. I  wish I could have practiced more before attempting the look. But I’m thankful for a gracious friend who appreciated it nonetheless (I hope, hehe).

Middle: Essie’s “Sand Tropez” and “Mint Candy Apple” layered with Essie’s “Show Me The Ring” to add pearly dimension.

Right: Yellow nail polish with a French tip created using a gold marker, protected with a top coat.


T’was a lovely afternoon, and I hope to be able to repeat it sometime again!



[inspirespace] Critters & #MANICureMondays!



Hello, everyone! Happy beginning of a new week!

So yesterday, I received the sweetest encouragement from one of my dear friends.

And needless to say, she knows me pretty well, and undoubtedly inspired this week’s edition of #MANICureMondays!

Below is the cast for this episode:


And the star is this Formula X quintessential mermaid blue, gifted by… Anna from!

Isn’t it gorgeous?


It’s fascinating because the color dries not to a crazy shine, but to more of a matte finish. Even though it’s sparkly.

Does that make sense?

Anywhoo, I painted my nails white to let the blue pop even more, and then layered over it the polish of honor.

I proceeded to apply silver glitter of assorted sizes to the tips of my fingernails, and then topped it off with the best topcoat in the world!

And poof! You can become a mermaid just like that ; )


Not only did she provide words of encouragement and a lovely nail polish, but she also handmade this amazingly adorable, heart wrenchingly cute charm! It is a Mamegama (seal character). And it pulled at my heartstrings : )

Did it grab at yours too?

She’s done so many crafty projects, it’s crazy that someone like her exists, and that I even know someone like her. Not even that, but I am blessed to know her! : )

On another note…

World, meet Vinnie.

AKA a cute red pig.

Click on the image to visit Anna’s page, where he was born and shared!


And if you really, really like what you see…

check out her etsy here!

What she’s currently offering:

bracelets owls

The cross-weave bracelet is $7.50, and the adorable owl is $8! Perfect accessories to accentuate whatever neutral/colorful outfit you may wear, and the perfect companion to accompany you on curious whims.

She makes a hodgepodge of so many other things, so feel free to just message her and ask!

I hope you enjoyed this edition of #MANICureMondays!

Have a lovely week, y’all.



[snapshotspace] It’s Friday… Let It Go!



Happy Thursday or Friday to you, everyone!

And if you’re reading this not on one of those days, then greetings from the past!

Ever since  I watched Frozen, it has somehow been a part of my life.

Friends saying clever snippets from the script in reference to normal life.

Really, really wanting to build a snowman.

Buying the soundtrack as soon as it was on a lightning deal sale on Amazon (15% off!!) – thank you, friend! : )

I think you get the gist!


And so, I decided to do a makeup look inspired by HyoRin of the kpop group Sistar, who sang her rendition of the song with a lovely, subtle makeup look that I really liked. The purity and simplicity really caught my eye, and the silver reminded me of, well, a snowflake!

The clustered necklace of ostentatious faux pearls, diamonds, and silver chain was the closest item I could grasp that reminded me of the snow that “glows white on the mountain tonight”… which might not be the ideal accessory for snow, but…

Let it go!



I feel like it really brightens up the face and provides a healthy glow, yet maintains some semblance of natural makeup. Like, a close relative. Maybe a cousin?


Take a look if you like by clicking here or any of the images above, and have a  lovely summer-y day in spring!



[craftspace] DIY stackable bracelets


Maybe it started when I got to decorate a little wooden basket at a birthday party in my childhood. Or tried imitating cave art by painting on clay that I thought was in the shape of a buffalo skin. Or tried painting a beaver realistically, only to have it look like a Rodent of Unusual Size.

Anywhoo, something I really enjoy doing now is breaking down potential projects or items I would like to own, to see if I can make them for a significantly lower price. And here’s one project that I’ve been planning to share, but only remembered today to post! Accessories are fun ways to create “different” outfits with “different” vibes, and creating these bracelets with various color cords or metals make them so versatile!

I made it a video tutorial, as I’m a visual/experiential learner and understand projects best in this way. I hope y’all enjoy this, and let me know if you end up doing it one day! 🙂 You can click here or any of the pictures below to direct you to the easy-breezy DIY bracelet tutorial.

I hope you enjoy, and have a lovely day!



Picture 4

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

[inspirespace] under the sea nail art


Hello, world!

It was a late, late night and somehow the fancy of trying out a nail design just crept up on me. And then… it struck! And got me. The inspiration came from this nail art tutorial – I tweaked it to make it a little bit more me. If you want to get this look, it’s so simple and turns out so beautifully! Here goes nothing!

[The completed look]


The Cast of Characters (I clearly read ThePioneerWoman):

  1. A beautiful sea blue (Essie’s “turquoise & caicos”)
  2. A soft, tangerine-esque color (Sephora mini)
  3. A neutral shade (white or peach)
  4. Topcoat (I just used Revlon’s clear nail polish)
  5. A dotting tool (the back end of a random paintbrush)

IMG_0199  IMG_0201

IMG_0202 IMG_0203 IMG_0204 IMG_0205

And now, the directions!

Step 1: paint your nails caribbean blue

IMG_0206 IMG_0207

Step 2: Use the tangerine nail polish to draw little seastars! They don’t all have to be complete – draw some floating on the edge or huddling near your cuticle 🙂

IMG_0209  IMG_0211


Step 3: Take the paint brush, dip it into the beige/neutral nail color (I dipped it lightly into the brush of the nail polish to ensure I wouldn’t get TOO much on). Then, dot it lightly (for a smaller dot) or a little more forcefully to get a larger dot. I dotted the inside of the starfish, as well as various whimsical curves through the empty blue space. It’s up to you – be creative! 🙂

IMG_0214 IMG_0217

Step 4: Top with a clear coat of polish to make your nail surface glossy and keep the design better intact.

IMG_0219  IMG_0221 IMG_0222   IMG_0227


And you’re done! I hope you enjoyed this, and found this helpful! I love how this turned out – I hope you do too!