[stylespace] Retro Repeat OOTD



Hello, hello!

So today, I’m featuring the Zara laser cutout heels that I’ve been showing for the past few posts, haha.

I thrifted the patterned sweatshirt (What’s the pattern called? Not houndstooth, but something similar…) and…

I wanted something not too crazy to clash with the top today, so I paired it with this statement necklace from Windsor.

The gleam from the stones adds some visual interest, but the fact that it’s in the same color palette as the sweatshirt helps it hang as a subtle piece.


To keep this office-friendly, I paired it with a black pencil skirt from J. Crew (thrifted!) and the heels! ūüôā


The pattern makes me so dizzy but deliriously happy inside, haha. I love the coziness of the knit, but do y’all understand when your accessory/a sharp corner of a desk gets caught in the yarn and unravels a part of it? Merp.




A closeup from head…


To toe!


All ten of them, in fact. ūüėÄ

Have a lovely day!




[stylespace] whimsical wednesday and hearts hearts hearts


Long time no post, dear reader!

It has been several weeks since I got back from Chile, and so now I’m getting back into the swing of things. Thanks for joining me!

And to start off, I thought I would begin with a nostalgic memory of my (what I think of as) gorgeous bleached hair…

Which honestly would not have been a memory if I had remembered to post these images a few months ago, but I digress!

‘Tis life, and let’s just cut to the chase.

(hehe get it? “Cut” because… I chopped off¬†my hair in this post? No? Okay, let’s continue.)

How are you today? ūüôā

Below is a snapshot…


¬†Aren’t the curls glorious? It makes me want my hair to grow out faster, so I can create more hair tutorials and tweak around.


Gah. I can’t get over it.

And I miss it.

Anywhoo, I paired this Madewell granny sweater with a Pandora necklace gifted to me by my mom for Christmas! I really like the simplicity of the stones (which look either clear or a blush pink, depending on the light) and the design – classic is always a nice way to go!


¬†And to continue the silver theme, I threw on a silver heart ring that’s chunky enough to add interest, and happens to match the heart I drew on my ring finger.

Which happens to match the heart of the Pandora necklace.

Ooh la la!


And to add onto the cozy feels of the outfit, I threw on the comfiest polka dotted jeans in the world, provided a la Target!


Love, love, love.

Oh, and if you want to spend a few extra minutes with me, ¬†I filmed a haul showing a few Sephora¬†products ¬†and clothing items I picked up in the last few months (two pieces I purchased¬†from Santiago, Chile)! You can just click the image below and it’ll open the page right up – maybe I’ll see you there!


Happy Wednesday! ūüôā



[stylespace] When City X Country



Well, howdy!

It’s been a while since the last [stylespace] post, and I am¬†thrilled to be able to share this one with you!

It reminds me of… a chic western persona with a penchant for dark, moody colors.

Although come to think of it, I have never conjured up that kind of character before. In my life.

So here is an eclectic outfit, just for you!

As you can see, the makeup was simple so as to not detract attention from the outfit. There is a little video coming up for it (at some point) in the future, so stay tuned! : )


¬†Adore this necklace. It actually broke pretty quickly, which I fixed in this post ¬†and this video if you want to check it out! Isn’t it a beaut?


I paired the casual chambray top (sleeves folded for a more relaxed, jaunty feel) and kept it simple with burgundy jeans.


Add some pizzazz with some leopard flats (a wardrobe staple for me!) and I’m out the door!

I hope you enjoyed, and have a lovely day in the Lord!



Song of the day: “Just¬†A Dream” covered by Sam Tsui X Christina Grimmie

[stylespace] puppy love



Hello, there!

I don’t know about you, but whenever ¬†I see an adorable canine, my heart goes pitter-patter-pitter-patter! I mean, I’m sure it does that all the time. Otherwise, I would be dead. But I especially am aware during these moments.

And maybe you feel the same way? So I put together a casual outfit – perfect for running errands, going on a picnic, or reading a book! – with a darling pup as the focal point!


Except my hair is covering it. But here it is¬†below –


And now for the collective, Awwwwwwwwwwwww!

It’s napping, too!

Pair a dusty orange tank with dark wash denim jeans for a subtle contrast. Adore the juxtaposition of two complementary colors. : )


These boots from Nordstrom Rack have been a winter staple, and I have no shame breaking the news that these are pulled out at least every other day. The rich brown color is so natural and deep… my boots-heart swoons a little every time I zip these up in the back.

And yes, I’m short. I had to cuff these American Eagle jeans to make this happen.


Thought I’d do something a little different and feature a book I have been loving! I read it for the first time several years ago and it stood out to me ever since.¬†Shadow of the Almighty,¬†Elisabeth Elliot, is a biography of her first husband, who loved God more than his own life – and showed it. It’s a striking example of how the love of God can pull sinners (all of us!) from a path to death to a path of life and righteousness, by His sanctifying grace!


So, I’m re-reading it. And I hope you’ll join me!

Aaaaand, I picked up this little beaut from Forever 21 – only $7.80 for a statement necklace! Isn’t it absolutely delightful? So fun and bright. Hopefully, it will be here to stay for a while… Forever 21 isn’t known for long-term utility products.


Also, wordpress.com just informed me that it’s my 1 year anniversary for blogging on this site! How exciting! : )

Have a lovely Monday in the Lord!



Spontaneous Splurges – College Edition

fashionspace, snapshotspace

I know, I’m not in college anymore.

But I still go perambulating about campus from time to time (mostly huffing and puffing as I try to “run” and “exercise’ to be healthy).

Today, I decided to look at several vendors who brought their wares to the street, and got started talking to one jewelry vendor who makes rings by hand and sells them on the street and on sites like Etsy. They seem quite simple to make and thus weren’t too expensive, so I started perusing the options.

The sun was bright and bathed the streets with warm light, many people were walking about as cars drove up and down and all around like ants about an anthill. And I found two rings I liked! I usually don’t purchase from street vendors (usually am hustling home), but I enjoyed the spontaneity of today.

Here they are! I like the simplicity. Paired with the cheerful red nail color, the rings seem to add a little something. (Forever 21’s “Rose” $2.80)


Which reminds me – I borrowed this nail polish from my sister and need to return it soon, hehe.

Have a lovely rest of your day!